December 4, 2018

Seeking Tech Co-Founder Who's Passionate About Combatting Climate Change and Saving the Planet


I’m an expert strategist with experience in media tech who’s looking for a technical co-founder to help grow a social enterprise that aims to combat the negative effects of climate change by helping people switch to clean energy sources now... and make making other changes that lessen the effects of climate change easy for people in time. I currently have an MVP but would like to partner with a developer to take it to the next level. If you’re passionate about using your skills to help combat the negative effects of climate change, please PM me.


I never gave any thought to climate change -- that is before I read the most-read article in the 50-year history of New York Magazine, that basically says the Earth’s good through the end of the century and that's it because of climate change -- and watched a series of funny but substantive videos about climate change on Funny or Die on back-to-back days during the Summer of 2016. I have three young kids, and the possibility of the planet's having catastrophic problems in their lifetimes meant that... there was no way I was going to sit around and not try to do something about it.

Conversion to renewable energy is one area that can lessen the effects of climate change, and while that's where I've focused to date and where I've developed a few ways to convert people from standard to renewable energy at scale, my plan is to identify several areas that could lessen the effects of climate change and develop ways to make things easy for individuals to make other important changes. That said, there are significant opportunities to do great work in renewable energy alone.

What’s Needed:

I'm in search of a full-stack technical co-founder who can help build the frontend and backend of the company’s proprietary software. In an ideal situation you’re based in NYC but that’s not a requirement. Just living in the US is enough. I’m looking for a technical partner who’s also business minded and wants to contribute to the strategic direction of the company and has bandwidth to collaborate via text and email during the day while spending nights and weekends focusing on strategy, UX design and building out the product.

What’s Currently in Place:

Signed partnerships with two large energy companies, who pay us for each new customer we bring to their 100% renewable energy offerings. Both companies are certified by Green-e, the leader in renewable energy certification, whom we're also in discussions with about a strategic partnership

An MVP that allows users to switch to renewable energy. This will possibly need a rewrite (it’s built using Bubble)

Advisors that include one of the most noteworthy climate scientists in the world, the firm that ran data for President Obama's and Bernie Sanders' Presidential campaigns and a marketing strategist who developed a "primal branding" framework that's used by companies like Apple and Nike and YouTube

Who I Am:

I am an expert strategist and business development executive who's spent most of my career in media and technology, but who's brought new thinking to climate change and renewable energy that has piqued the interest of and garnered respect from experts in those fields.

If interested please send me a private message and I will gladly provide more details on the company and its goals.

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    Can you post you a link to your MVP?

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      Are you interested in running through a demo, @BobSnyder? I’ll message you so we can figure out a time to connect.