November 7, 2018

Seriously? +1 for Zoho and dropping GSuite

  • 24 hour phone support

  • more simple to understand

  • easier menu

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    -10 for Zoho having to post on twitter to try and get the attention of their domain registrar after their domain was blocked.

    I don't think I could trust a company of that size without a phone number for their registrar.

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      They seriously had to do that?


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          That is truly, truly shocking. And they lied, claiming they had had no notice.

          At present, they claim to serve more than 40 million customers!

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            You've mentioned how vindictive people can attempt to undermine the success of an indie author. Imagine what happens when your revenue is counted in hundred of millions.

            One approach is to abuse authors directly. Yet another is to plot to ruin a reputation. This recently happened to @matthenderson on Product Hunt, and happens all the time with fake reviews. These schemes generally succeed because of how quickly people are willing to make snap judgments.

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              Fair point.

              I'll leave my comment in place so that your response makes sense but I withdraw the allegation.

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    I just use them to forward email to our team inbox. Despite some misgivings on their part in the past, I'm happy to be off of GSuite. Google try's to do everything and they end up doing it very poorly. :-(

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    Zoho has a great product suit, with a very intuitive and fast loading user interface. I have used them for some time, and their service is highly reliable.

    As always there is two sides to every story. The issue with their domain registrar was more complex than @shawn_maplegum and @thomasm1964 suggest. Zoho is a billion dollor Indian owned business. The domain registrar's actions where widely criticized and perplexed others: imagine Amazon AWS or linode getting their domain shutdown because some spammers abused the network. In any platform there will always be a small level of account abuse. When you have millions of users, staying completely ahead of spammers is a problem all large platforms constantly struggle with. Behind the scenes, there is the whiff of machinations to undermine a very successful business.

    Out of fairness to their side, this thread has their CEOs response and the full story:

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      I read their CEO's update on the problem so I have read his side of the story now. don't seem to have come out of this very well.

      Do you know whether Zoho did apply to become a domain registrar in the end?

      One thing that did surprise me was that a number of customers complained they knew nothing about what was going on. The response was "we posted all over social media" which seemed to me a rather sweeping assumption on the part of Zoho that everyone has a social media account. As the comments showed, that is far from being the case. Had I been a Zoho customer, I too would have remained ignorant of what was going on.

      This isn't really a pop at Zoho but a reminder to IH'ers that the correct way to communicate with customers is the way they tell you they want you to communicate ... which means capturing their first and second line preferences as part of your account set-up.

      At some point, we are all going to experience an outage for one reason or another. It might not even be our fault (I seem to remember a train once took out some fibre optic cables in a railway tunnel in the States many years back). However, it is our responsibility to maintain our business reputations and to respect our customers as and when things do go wrong.

      Using customer preferred channels of communication should be part of that strategy.

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