September 13, 2018

Share IH - Crossed 10$ mark first time from Google Ads on Side Project

Hi IHs,

Just wanted to share that Requestly ( crossed 10$ within a day yesterday, 12 Sep 2018. This is one of the milestones I have been waiting for a long time.

Here is a screenshot from Google Adsense -

Please let me know if someone needs/has advice in monetizing chrome extensions.

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    Congrats, $10 in one day using AdSense isn't bad!

    I'm crossing my fingers that this will be repeated.

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      Thanks, @steinovehelset. Previous best was 9 something and that happened in June. Now, my next milestone is 200+/month on back to back months.

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        Out of interest, how much traffic are you getting in order to generate this much in AdSense revenue?

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          This is a really nice question and I am wondering why it came out so late.

          Here is the Summary of traffic :-

          • Daily Page Views: ~4K (Weekdays) ~2.5K (Weekends)

          • Monthly Page Views: 100-110K

          • CTR (Click Through Rate): 0.20%

          • Number of Clicks: ~200/month

          You can check the detailed traffic report from Google Analytics which I integrated into IndieHackers traffic report here -

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      Thanks man

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    Oh man I read that as $10K haha.

    That's solid does that mean at least 365*$10 per year? Ha

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      Haha, @projectile_molecule. I wish 10K$ could happen but that's not definitely gonna happen by Ads. This is why I am going to launch premium features in the tool soon.

      About your second question, No that does not mean 3650$ per year. Actually, my average is 6-7$ per day on weekdays and 2-3$ on weekends so on an average it is about 160-180$ per month. Based on this I get ~2K$ per year.

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        That's real money though man, it's great. I don't have "passive" income like this yet myself so props. Closest I got before was my YouTube content but I lost it(I was dumb and erased all of my videos).

        Good luck with the new features. It feels nice having the external drive provided by people using your stuff/giving back feedback/demands(ransom /s)

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          Thanks @projectile_molecule. Yeah, I am constantly working on it to improve the user experience and providing new features.

          What kind of youtube content did you create? Was it educational videos, entertainment related ? Which domain?

          Do you mind sharing the rough numbers on how much you get with how many impressions in youtube ?

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            Sorry I don't really remember it was a long time ago like 5+ years. I was able to break the AdSense $100 payout threshold and actually get a payment from Google that was really cool.

            The content was super niche about hobby electronics but the video that was most popular from me was a Google SketchUp demo video.

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              No problem. That's fine and all the best. I wish you pick up this one day again and rock :)

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        $2k is better than nothing! nice work!

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          Thanks man! It took me 4 years to reach here so yeah it feels great.