November 7, 2018

Share your startup's "North Star"

Good morning, IndieHackers!

Fun exercise: State your startup's north star and share a link to your site.

Your North Star is your guiding light in the darkest nights. It is the core idea behind your product.

Intercom's North Star is to make Internet business personal.

My startup's North Star is to make the workplace more open.

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    Document Node's ( North Star is to maximize the documentation writing productivity.

  2. 3 My north star is to help people achieve what they envision by helping them find time for what matters.

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      Hey I'm making a similar product at Artemis. My north star is not making calendar management suck anymore, allowing it to be flexible when scheduling.

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        Hey mate, I have seen your project here before.

        My first impression when I checked it out was that your design reminded me of the brutalist trend. Is that what you are after?

        I reckon the split view Kanban / Calendar is a winner, reminds me

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          Haha I didn't actively go for the brutalist trend, I'm probably just shit at designing. I'm making a new landing page in the next few days, I'll share it with you. I think I'm really after something like your app, I'll have to give it a go, since I'm basically trying to help people time block for their recurring goals, as that's what I'm struggling with personally as well.

          I saw as well, but it was too simplistic for me, I want to have more control over my tasks, and most importantly, no one has solved the issue of flexible calendar management for some reason, which I'm trying to do. Basically like dynamically rearrange time blocks throughout the day or week.

          How is your app going?

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            Hey, what do you mean by flexible calendar management?

            What is the use case you are trying to solve?

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              I want my calendar to reflow around my events if they change during the day, ie if a meeting goes too long, I don't want it to affect the other parts of my agenda

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    That doesn’t sound like a North Star. It’s sounds like a vision/mission statement.

    North Star “metric” is something quantifiable.

    How do you quantify making the workplace more open?


    More time sheets?

    More conversations?

    Remember, a north star is only useful if it can be measured.

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      A North Star conjures up belief rather than science. But your point is valid. It should be backed up by a metric to ensure accountability.

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    Affordable and accessible accreditation (especially post-secondary)

  5. 2 The North star is to make the internet fun again. Remember that?

  6. 2 - We help people to extract information from web sites with simple point-and-click toolkit

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      Have you heard of They were bought by Palantir a few years ago but they seem similar to you guys.

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        Yes. They inspired us with Kimono. It was really cool service.

  7. 2 - I want a permanent way for people to manage the metadata of their life in a private space, and still have it accessible after 20 years.

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    My north start for Yoodonate ( is to help all charities (especially smaller ones) raise more funds through the power of technology. Also to have more control and flexibility over my time by being my own boss.

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    My North Star for Podmytube ( is to get new great podcasts to listen to and perhaps, one day in the future, be my own boss.

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    My North Star for Budgetwise ( is to improve the lives of individuals and families by getting out of debt and not have them struggle with money anymore.

    Still a long way from making that happen with the currently lacking feature-set, but it's what keeps me chugging along through the late nights :)

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      Hey man! I will give it a shot, really look nice!

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        Awesome, thank you so much!

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    My north star is to help people own the the day in a seamless manner with task automation. With Done Productivity app you have to do and habit tracker all in one. Manage your day and find balance between personal and business tasks. My ultimate goal is to use an AI to handle task reminders and status updates allowing people to have more successful days and feel less overwhelmed.

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    I created - North Star is to enable developers to monitor REST APIs not just for uptime but data correctness, full user flows etc.

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    I would say that DEVY's North Star is to disrupt the tradicional web agency model.

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      When accessing, I got a Cloudflare error page:

      Error 522 Ray ID: 476466151f664d6a • 2018-11-08 01:52:41 UTC
      Connection timed out
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        Hey Jake, thanks for letting me know, I will look into this issue.

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    Give an audience to beginner level designers

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    Ours (partner and self) is to prompt imaginative thinking.