July 11, 2018

Should I build this? Project Euler for CSS

I've been meaning to practice my HTML/CSS skills but can't find anywhere to find consistent, good quality exercises. Does anybody know a site like ProjectEuler.net but for CSS? If not, do you think this would be worthwhile building?

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    I've gone through the first 50 ProjectEuler problems in python and rust and had a great experience both times.

    One of the best parts if looking at all the other solutions after I've solved a problem. It's probably as important to the learning as actually solving the problem. So do it! And if you do, make sure and provide a solutions forum. If you can vote on favorite solutions like you can on Rosalind.info, even better.

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      Would love to broaden the idea to more than just grid/flexbox though

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    It could be interesting, and I would be interested, but don't forget it will be difficult to earn money with this kind of project.

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      This would be my first proper side project, so not too fussed if it doesn't earn loads. Mostly just want to help others (and me!) learn.

      That said, I have a few ideas about how it could work.

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    I've been thinking of making a short entrepreneur-focused design course. It would be a continuation of zeph.co/design. And there would very likely be a section on CSS, because I love it and feel I could make it easy to grasp.

    Although if you're looking for complicated problems to solve, try making loading spinners, drawings of animals, and search for all of the things you can do with the transform property. :)

    Should you build something like that? If you are a mid- or master-level CSS scripter, then it might be interesting! Although I don't know how much demand it would have since it's not as exciting as something like JavaScript or Ruby.

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      I was kind of thinking just exercises, rather than guidance/how-tos (looks like you're the expert there!). I always find that doing is the best way to learn but sometimes its hard to know what to do so I wanted to make the learning process as easy as possible for people.