May 16, 2018

Should I get a freelance writer for my business blog?

Hi Everyone!

I'm a founder of a new construction company together with a few people. I need an insight from you guys. I'm in charge of the marketing side.

I started a blog about construction on my website and I know that I will need to hire someone to write for the blog full time, but for now since we are new, and not willing to hire for a full time employee. I figured I'll start a blog with several articles that I will write.

Will hiring a free lance writer to specifically write about our the construction topic be any good or even worth it?

Also do you guys think that maintaining a blog for a construction business in a for a local place is even worth it?

Will it bring any value in terms of reaching an audience and potentially a client?

Thanks guys! this is my first post in the community.

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    Welcome, and congrats on the new company.

    I can't answer the question directly, but I can try to give you a set of steps to arrive at your own answer for your business.

    Have you validated:

    1. whether a blog is the right medium to reach your target audience (and also, who your target audience is)?

    2. the problems facing your target customer that you can provide insight on?

    3. channels to drive traffic to your blog?

    If you're starting at square one, I'd write down who you're targeting, the most important questions they want answered (important: they don't have to be all about your product!), and ways to get your content out there.

    Create some posts to test your hypothesis on the topics you think your audience wants, put it out through various channels (social, email) then measure the engagement (page views, how many get in touch/sign up). Iterate from there based on the results.

    When you have a better idea of the content that will drive engagement, hire a writer. A freelance writer won't be able to figure out all of the above—their purpose is to generate great content according to a strategy you set.

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    Yes, I think you should!

    Full disclosure, I'm a freelance writer. :D

    Let me know if you need help writing content (articles, blog posts, etc.) for your website.

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    I hire a writer just to edit the blogs I write (paying them per article edited), it's much cheaper than getting someone to write an entire article and you don't have to guide them on what to write in accordance with your marketing plan (plus you know your subject best).