October 10, 2018

Should I launch this - it's almost done, but is it a waste of time?

Last week, someone here posted a project for selling your products online. It was a great idea and one I had thought about but it was a framework and rather complicated imo.

So, last week, I took a mental pause on a project I had recently launched and spent my spare time on building a simpler version of that idea as I had wanted to build it anyway. I'm now also contemplating building a hosted version of it ...

But before I did any more work - would anyone here be interested or think this is a good idea?

Here it is: http://QuickSold.com

  • a simple way to sell anything using your own stripe acct and simple php. No framework, no database, just a couple of config files and safe, secure downloads for sale.

Any thoughts if I should even bother with the last 5 hours and launch this?

I'd sell it probably at $30 - thoughts?

thanks a ton for any and all feedback.


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    What do you have to lose by launching? ;)

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    Dude are you kidding? This is amazing!

    So simple. Great name. Lots of use cases.

    I think it could use a little design work, but shit... I like this enough that I'd be happy to help out with that part if you wanted.

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    I'd say yes. Wrap up the loose ends and announce it to the world!

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    I would totally like to buy that as a one-off purchase (author of ebook that will be released in a couple of weeks. I'm currently looking at gumroads and pages like that, because I don't want to spend too much time reading Stripe docu or pay subscription fees.)

    Some feedback:

    • Your product should include a working demo / example page where I just have to modify strings. Lots of comments that explain what I should do and what the stuff means.

    • Give me screenshots of how my file structure on my server should look like, including htaccess and stuff like that.

    • Your landing page could include a screencast to show how simple it is with a standard host. Throw in an affiliate link if you want, if the price is reasonable, I would totally follow it.

    • If possible, make your code so simple that I can copy-paste it into some wordpress / whatever theme. That doesn't mean your landing page has to look as simple. Prettify it a bit, use nice clean sans-serif fonts and flat UI / generic snazzy elegant design.

    • Reassure me a bit about security.

    Your idea is great, but your sales pitch makes assumptions of skill levels and knowledge that your potential clients don't really have. I am not an in modern frontend/backend. I did some php/mysql when it was still php4 and I have played with enough templates and "canned" web content to be able to modify some stuff. I know Stripe exists and I don't want to deal with that. You would fix that for me.

    But most of the people in my field are a little bit less tech-savvy than that. Ebook authors are usually good at fiddling around with configuration files and things like that, especially if they do stuff for Kindle and similar platforms. But don't assume programming skills and anybody knowing what an API is.

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    I wanted to build something like this for a long time but never got around to it! very cool!

    But! I did get an error message after I submitted the my payment

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class phpmailerException in /home/quicksold/public_html/demo/lib/PHPMailer/class.phpmailer.php on line 2959

    I say launch.


    Oh, maybe throw up a nice material/bootstrap theme before hand

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      Hey @armen

      Thanks for the error - that is a strange error but I will review.

      I just did a transaction and didn't get it - but again, a few cleanups before I launch. actually all this discussion and I think I'm just going to add a bit more to it to make it even simpler/better.

      haha - yes - the reason I didn't add bootstrap or anything to it was so that you can do whatever you want. In fact I separated it into views so you could edit the head/foot/buy and thank you pages.

      But perhaps I will do that css feature just so it's more likely that people will use it 'out of the box'.

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    This looks great. Ship it!

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      @alexhillman Thanks! I'm going to add a bit more to it to make it even easier to use out of the box and them I will do that I think.


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        Quit tinkering and focus on getting your first customers.

        You can (and should) come back and make it better once you know you have customers!

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    Good concept. But needs a bit of work to simplify the front end. I.e. I can go to gumroad and get the exact same service.

    I would say use stripe connect and have people just enter keys.

    Best of luck

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      @Naveen Thanks - what do you mean by "simpllfy the frontend " I'm not sure I can simplify it any further - it's simply a display&/or purchase page, and then the thank you page.

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        Hey just saw your reply..my point was that if I am not a developer, I don't want to change config files, I would rather use gumroad.

        If I am a developer then why not carrd+ stripe?

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      Quicksold is using YOUR stripe acct. Stripe connect is passing the transaction TO your acct using a app-like acct that you Oauth with.

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    You should definitely launch the product , may be work on the messaging a bit more .

    Also launching only does around 30 % of the work , so you will need to sit and find the audience and market it very well.

    I guess its for selling digital goods , if so mention that in messaging!

    Also instead of 30$ can you work out a pay per use billing or monthly billing?

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      @vimalgopal Thanks. Yes, I said downloads, you think "digital goods" is better wording?

      This is for the actual source code. so I think it's better as a 1time payment. But happy to release a hosted version of this for a monthly fee.


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        May be you can launch the hosted version via prouductHunt

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    Don't sell something for $30 after you say how UN-sold (pun intended) you are with the concept and how simple the tech is. That's like shooting yourself in the foot! Hard feedback, but I tell it like it is.

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      1 - I'm not unsold on it. I think it's great because I use things like this. What motivated me was seeing other more complicated things out there. Just didn't know if anyone else out there was interested and I would release it. I don't have to release it.

      1. I think $30 is cheap. It is simple to use but I don't know if it's simple for others to build this. $30 is pretty cheap for the time and monthly fees it saves to test selling your downloads or digital products or modify it to sell anything you want.
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      Also, if you are going to continue. You need to make it less "beta". That is remove the beta demo and replace it with concise screenshots with what to expect.

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        @egfx Hmm, you don't think a demo is worthwhile? why?

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          Because it's not really a demo. This is using Stripe beta keys that you would normally use in testing. Maybe I'm just savvy to this and maybe your customers won't notice like I did.

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            @ilya I guess I really have no idea what you're concerned with. It's a demo - using test keys like all test stripe transactions do.

            It's a demo stripe acct in test mode that gives you test keys so you can mimic (test/demonstrate/demo) transactions.

            There is no 'beta' in stripe - it's live or test - it's a demo, because if it we're live, you'd actually pay and you'd expect to download the source code.

            It's showing exactly what it does and how it works. That's what a 'demo' (demonstration) is.

            Seems much better than screenshots to me.

            Perhaps you're not clear on what QuickSold is and and I guess that's my fault for not making the page clearer.


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              Beta stands in for Test. Ok here is the thing. Is your goal to demo Stripe or is your goal to demo your product? If your goal is to demo your product, which I think it is, then you should do so with static screenshots and text bubbles. I don't think people will disagree with me on this.

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                @egfx OK - I don't agree, but I appreciate you taking the time. The demo shows the transaction, and the thank you page, and you're able to download a test product. I think that's a pretty good experience.

                I had planned to also do screenshots, but I thought the experience was positive as well.

                I will review your thoughts and thin through it as I do screenshots with arrows, etc.

                Is there something about the demo that bothers you - do you feel it's collecting information about you or something - don't like stripe? Just trying to see if maybe there is some other issue I'm missing.

                Thanks again for the feedback - I DO appreciate it.


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                  Yes the demo bothers me. I'm a software developer, an API developer actually so I know the mechanics of Stripe. It bothers me that your using a feature meant for testing splashed out in the landing page. It makes your product appear unprofessional to me. Further, if this is the experience your pitching, a transaction in the form of Stripe, then TBH, I just don't know what your product has uniquely offered. And maybe you initial hunches about it were reasonable.

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    Sorry, everyone, I had to step away right after I posted this...

    Thank you for the feedback.

    @joshmn just time and effort I could spend on other things :)

    @PeterM - thank you.

    @PatGriffith haha - you've noticed my weakness - pretty glaring I know. I'd be happy to have some help.

    I'll dm you if I can - else maybe you can dm me.

    Any other feedback is welcome - I'm trying to be a bit more public about what I'm building and that means inviting feedback - which is sometimes what I hide from ;)



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    This looks pretty sweet!