May 16, 2018

Should I offer my list of resources as a bookmark file (as a lead magnet)?

I'm slowly building out the first iteration of my site (a directory of free visual resources for professional film-makers).

I'm thinking of offering the whole site as a bookmark file in exchange for sign-ups - a simple HTML file that users can import into Chrome etc.

Is this something that regular people "get" though? Do most people understand they can just import a whole lot of bookmarks into their browser?

Or would something more traditional such as "sign up for monthly updates to the site" be more straightforward.


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    I think people understand the concept but is it useful? My bookmarks are few (less than 50) because they are often used tools and references that I need to quickly access thru Chrome.

    I wouldn't want to import a list of bookmarks no matter how useful they are if I hadn't tried out the bookmarks. Too much potential noise.

    What lead magnets do other sites in your space offer [1][2]?



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      Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think you're right about the noise. There's also the downside that the bookmark can't include a description of what it is.

      And thanks for those links, especially the 2nd one. Preparing my inbox for a flood of information now...