October 25, 2018

Show IH: A GitHub-style graph for your blog

I'm working on tools in the blogging and accountability space.

Trying to help people stick to their goals.

You can find a visualisation of your blogging output here: https://accountableblogging.com/post-frequency.

For example, the Indie Hackers podcast can be seen here: https://accountableblogging.com/post-frequency?url=http%3A%2F%2Ffeeds.backtracks.fm%2Ffeeds%2Findiehackers%2Findiehackers%2Ffeed.xml

Let me know what you think

  1. 2

    Hey, awesome job! I was wondering how you get data, is it just reading Rss feed? If it is, what do you do when there isn't rss?

    Congrats on shipping:)

    1. 1

      I really like the RSS idea. By default, it should "just work" with existing blogging platforms.

      Really cool indeed!

    2. 1

      Hey, RSS/Atom works and is pretty standard.

      The alternative would be to generate the RSS/Atom feed, at the end of the day all I need is a bunch of dates so it's not that bad.

  2. 1

    This is really cool!

    I'd love an option with the exact github style though, with a day-by-day view, not just in week blocks. Are you planning that?

    1. 1

      Hey Tim 馃憢, thanks for checking it out. Posting multiple times a day isn't something I expect too many people to do but I might add the daily view at some point 馃檪