December 2, 2018

Show IH: Australian Startup Jobs

I made Australian Startup Jobs to help out the Australian Startup ecosystem, and hopefully attract some overseas talent to Australia. :) We've got some great companies here.

Love to know what you all think!

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    Looks good. I see Sydney is still suffering from a talent shortage. Trying to hire devs when I lived there was one of the less pleasant experiences of my professional life.

    For those of you looking the expert 360 offices are beautiful. Not sure what working there is like but probably worth it just for the space. :)

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      Haha this is crazy, I actually work there - it's really great :)

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        Awesome I'll be there Wednesday night for the elixir meetup!

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      Yeah, think we could always use more talent in Sydney :)

      Thanks for taking a look!

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    Looks great! How did you find the setup process for the job board? Would love a "working remotely" filter?

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      Hey Rich, it's pretty easy! I know Suren (the founder) is working on adding tags would would allow you to filter. :)

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        I does look interesting. I've only used and a Wordpress-theme for running job boards but their pricing caught my eye. Thanks for the feedback!

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          It's been constantly improving since I've been using it too :)

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    Good website, I'll be sure to check it out in the future when I'm looking again. Hopefully it can provide some nice diversity to recruiters and the big players like Startup Victoria.

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      Thanks mate! Hopefully it can make hiring and finding a job a little bit easier for both sides. :)

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    Great resource and perfect timming. Being thinking about moving to Australia.

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      Hope you find something using it :) - we're hiring engineers at Spaceship!

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    Tried “Elixer”, “Pheonix” and “React Native” with no result ;(

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      Yeah the search could be better :), we are hiring React Native devs at Spaceship, feel free to email through your resume at abi at spaceship dot com dot au :)

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    No... No results for Perth, lol. That's it, we are true aliens on that continent guys :)

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      Haha, it's a work in progress. Hopefully I'll be able to find some floating around and post them!