October 10, 2018

Show IH: Autoping - my first SaaS attempt, looking for feedback!

Hi everyone!

I've been working on this idea for several months now and it came because some websites I was managing were reported down from time to time. To make sure everything was fine I started coding this tool and thought it would be a good idea to sell it as a service.

The idea behind Autoping is very simple: Do not ever worry again about your sites' status, if there's anything wrong, Autoping will tell you immediately. These are it's key features:

  • automated 24/7 HTTP monitoring (do ping each 2 minutes)

  • instant alerts whenever any of your sites goes down (404, 503, timeout, ssl error, who knows!)

  • detailed reports generation

  • automated status reporting

I would really appreciate ANY advice or feedback on my landing page/application, as this is the first time I post about it.



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    @selknam how are things going now that a couple months have passed?

    1. 1

      Hi! I've been working on some improvements over the app and landing's onboarding process, also made some cold emailing but still no success.

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    You could also provide packages to check health of specific framworks. For example a Symfony framework package which expose a endpoint /healtz, checking if the database is up, if all migrations have been played, if RabbitMQ is accessible, etc.

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      Sounds good! I initially wanted to monitor anything without the need to install stuff on servers, but this could be a great addon for more advanced monitoring.

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    My feedback is that this is an incredibly crowded market, and you will have a very hard time surviving. You should probably try to have some more specific value-add than your competitors.

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      Yes, there are several similar services out there. I think that might be good in a certain way. Could you please explain what you mean by 'have more specific value-add'? Thanks!

      1. 2

        Basically, that you should provide some more specific value that your competitors do not. It looks, for instance, that pingdom offers all the functionality you offer. Why would a customer feel strongly enough about your service to use it instead of theirs?

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          Thanks for pointing it out, this is very valuable. I think I need to go deeper into this.

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    Looks nice, and is an useful service.

    Have you looked to the competence? How do you plan to stand out?

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      Thank you! I've seen other very similar services, but most of them seems to be into bigger deals. I think targeting smaller businesses at lower costs might let me get some room there.