June 12, 2018

Show IH: Best marketing hacks

I have been running newsletter (http://spacedoo.com) with best practical marketing hacks and tips from best online marketers.

So far response from subscribers has been very positive.

Let me know if you are interested in this kind of content.

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    Example of the newsletter:

    Marketing Hack #4 - Trial length.

    You would think that the longer your free trial is, the better, Right.

    When the co-founder of KISSmetrics tested 14-day free trial versus the 30-day free trial, the same number of people signed up for each trial length.

    But 102% more people used the product when they signed up for the 14-day trial versus the 30-day trial.

    They have learned that with the 30-day trial, people felt that they had a lot of time, and they forgot about using the product.

    Source: https://blog.kissmetrics.com

    Let me know what you think about this marketing hack adam@spacedoo.com



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      I'm looking forward to hearing tips like these. On the free trial note, I've always felt 30 days was way to long for most products. I wonder how 7, 5, & 1 day trials go typiccally.

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        I haven't found any test related to shorter trials, but yes I wonder as well.

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    I like short newsletters with actionable tips.

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    Short and useful. Subscribed.

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    This is cool! Just subscribed too.

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      Thanks, Robin!

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    Subscribed! Thanks Adam, that's exactly what I need right now, having problem marketing my products.

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      Thanks Taira, I hope you will find it useful.

      What is your product?

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        Hi Adam, I built a MVP called CSV Lint, a CSV file validation service, I wrote about how the idea came about in my last post.

        And currently I'm doubling down on it, refactored my code and implemented a few new features / improvements last week, and I started marketing it this week with cold emails, 75 emails sent out in the last 3 days, received 0 replies. 😂

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          Hi Taira,

          I hope this will be helpfull for you.

          After looking into your landing page I'm not clear on what problem you are solving (validating CSV), what do you actually validate?

          Is it that you validate data in CSV row by row?

          The other think I would add an option where I could test the service without registering, just so any visitor can test run it .

          Who is your target customers?

          If you targeting data analyst I would search all profile on LinkedIn whos job role is related to dealing with data and try to approach them .



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            Hi Adam,

            Thank you so much, this is pure gold!

            Yes, my service validates CSV file row by row base on user defined schema, I thought having a intro video instead of text-based description would help people having easier time understanding the service. Looks like I still need a feature section on the home page to explain my service better. :)

            One of my feature actually allows users to validate their files without registration, I'll add a link with instructions for it!

            My target customers would be the ones who work with CSV files, and have the needs to check / validate their files to ensure data integrity. Thanks again. Orz.

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    Just subscribed. Looking forward to seeing what you deliver.

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      Thanks Vez, hopefully, I will not disappoint you.

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    Just subscribed

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    Just signed up! I'm completely in a marketing mindset for my project (www.tribefive.me for reference) so this seems right up my alley.



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      I did sing up to yours as your idea sounds interesting.

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        Awesome - really look forward to get your newsletters and see what I can apply back to Tribe of Five!

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      Thanks Jonathan

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    Just subscribed :)

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      Thanks Davis, I hope you will find it useful.