May 16, 2018

Show IH: Build Blockchain Tech- crypto resources aimed at developers

I'm a long time software engineer who has been slowly careening down the crypto rabbit hole over the last couple of years. I've really come at it from a technical perspective, and I've learned bits and pieces about a host of topics from bitcoin internals to smart contract coding.

I'm launching a new site where I'll focus on creating some resources aimed at developers. I'm wondering if folks would be interested in that and, if so, what topics and formats?

For example, are most people eager to learn about Ethereum smart contracts? Do folks like video or text? I'm also considering some coding livestreams, and making the site more about sharing my own journey to uncover the real tech underlying the blockchain hype.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I'm running a small webinar next week to test the waters and gauge interest. I'd love for you to participate. Thanks :)