May 16, 2018

Show IH: Clientroute - A client portal for freelancers and teams using Trello

Hi IH, I've been lurking for a month or two, and finally registered for an account last week! I'm excited to be a part of this great community.

I run a small animated video studio and was tired of my project collaboration living across several Google Docs, PDFs and 50+ scattered emails... so I built Clientroute.

It's a client management app aimed at creative freelancers and agencies and allows their clients to follow easy step-by-step directives as a project progresses.

The back-end is completely powered by your Trello account (via their awesome API). You and your team use Trello (mostly) as-normal, and the app grabs everything it needs from marked board/lists/cards. As a client marks to-do items, leaves comments and uploads files, they'll all appear right in your Trello boards.

Are there any freelancer/contractors/consultants out there that could provide any input? Would your clients find this useful?

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    Hey Steve, congrats on launching!

    And wow - I've thought for a long time that somebody should launch something like this. Awesome!

    @Vinrob this is definitely something you should check out...

    I would have used this last year, but my new project isn't a great fit. Will bear you in mind for next time though. And btw you are way too cheap!

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      Thanks @louisswiss! It's so easy not to charge enough. I'll take another stab at the pricing today.

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      Thanks @louisswiss will check this out!

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    Hey Steve! I posted a few days ago about exactly needing this for my current business. We're really really interested to chat to see if there is an opportunity to work together.

    Can you DM me on Twitter or reach out at robin @ my project . co ?


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      @Vinrob, message sent!

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    Can see the appeal for this for agencies. Nicely done.

    Is the UI customisable (asking/suggesting since I did this in a minimal way for Muna too, and got really positive feedback).

    As said before, the pricing is off, if you ask me. Should start at $29 and upwards ($79 / $149). If you want (for any reason) keep the $9 plan, make it an one-liner at the bottom of the pricing page.

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      @eelcoj, thanks for your feedback! Note taken on the pricing. I'll be adjusting it soon. Regarding UI-- to some extent, it is customizable. As of right now, just branding and typography can be adjusted, but I have a custom CSS area in the pipeline. That should cover advanced user's needs, don't you think?

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        More than okay—I currently allow customers to add a logo and their brand colour (this changes buttons and links on the page) and , as simple it's to implement, got a lot of positive feedback.

        I wouldn't go down the path of of allowing more Css customisation, since it's too easy to mess stuff up (and you are held responsible or need to provide more support).

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          @eelco That's a good point. This could easily come down the road, and, perhaps, it's just a feature for the higher end users ('agency' tier).

          Thanks for your input!

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    Congratulations @stenuto, this looks like a great project.

    One question I cannot see answered on the website is whether the client will also need a Trello user to log into the website? I assume so, but just want to clarify.

    Also, do you need to add the client's Trello user to the Trello board for them to interact with it from Clientroute?

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      @jerriep, Thanks for your message! To align with the overall goal of this product, I'm hoping to minimize friction on the client's end as much as possible. So, as of right now, the client does not need a Trello account.

      That said, having the client create a Trello account would be helpful when your client is a team of several people collaborating on the project.

      What are your thoughts? Does having to sign up for a Trello account add too much friction for the client? Perhaps the positives outweigh the negatives here?


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        If you can make it work without the client having to sign up for a Trello account, I think that is better (less friction).

        However, in this case, how does a client's comment show up in Trello? Usually a comment is linked to a Trello user, so if there is no Trello user for the client, which Trello user is linked to the comment?

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          Jerrie, I agree, and thank you for your input.

          One way to do this would be to mark comments coming from the client in Trello as 'From Client: Some message..' Then Clientroute would remove the 'From Client' portion.

          The other option would be to have a universal 'Clientroute' user that's always representing the client. Kind of like 'Taco' from Trello.