November 8, 2018

[Show IH] Communiroo: Community website for your product

A while back I wrote a few app store apps and wanted a quick single site to send my users to for submitting bugs, feature requests, and support tickets, as well as providing forums and StackOverflow type QA.

I couldn't find anything like that, so I wrote Communiroo (

I've been using it for several years for my own stuff, but would really like to expand it to hosting more projects and getting feedback.

For a view of Communiroo in action here's it running for one of my apps:

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    Looks interesting to me but what is the difference between yours and existing communities/forums?

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      Good question!

      If you're just looking for a forum then a forum-specific site might be a better choice. I feel the benefit of Communiroo is if you want to enable many types of user feedback on a single site.

      For example, you could point your users like this:

      • Forums -> Discourse

      • QA -> StackOverflow

      • Bugs -> GitHub

      • Feature Requests -> UserVoice

      • Support Tickets -> ZenDesk

      This leads to splitting your community across many sites, each with their own accounts and interfaces.

      This also has the downside that users often times don't pick the correct place for their request. They may ask a question in a bug report or ask for a new feature in a forum. Traditionally this leads to asking them to "please file a bug" on another site which is not a good experience for a user (or you file it for them). With Communiroo you can click edit and change their forum post to a bug, retaining the entire interaction (history, comments, etc.).

      I'm not aware of any other site that provides a single site experience for all of these interactions, but maybe I just couldn't find them. I wrote Communiroo because it's the way I wanted feedback to work for my app users.

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        Thanks for your response.

        Right, all-in-one is your advantage.