April 13, 2018

Show IH: Daily Design Challenge

I got inspired by the interview with @lawrence, his Daily Coding Problem site and a recent 3 lesson video series on designing icons by Kyle Adams.

Like I always do, I can't stop thinking about particular ideas...for the most part. So in the midst of re-designing my site and coding it (I'm learning as I create it so it's slow going), I put together this mashup of those two things.

Daily Design Challenge is an emailed prompt that one can use to create something, everyday.

It's up and running and the IH community is the first to see it. There's probably plenty of problems with the site and my idea, but I gave myself a deadline to post this tonight, before I can go see Ready Player One.

Half-hour before showtime and I think the site is good enough to show you guys. Getting input and making changes are up next.

This is a great community and is helping me get inspired and ship things.


  1. 1

    Half-baked and offering premium? No thanks. I don't understand the value it is supposed to provide to me that I couldn't get out of a random word generator.

    Could be good but there's a long way to go. Refine what you are selling so that it is something I couldn't easily get otherwise. Remember, the value of the Daily Code Challenge is in the solutions they provide and the skills they test.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback! Yes, a long way to go for sure. This didn't exist 3 days ago so it's very much in its infancy still. Already working on changing things...