February 8, 2018

Show IH: Daily Vibes (iOS)

If you saw my posts back in October or December then you might have seen some early ideas of this project.

Hackathon and Kickstarter later, I wanted to finally share it with you.

✅ Totally Native 🌶 Made on Apple for Apple.

✅ Totally Fast 🚀 Just Swift and nothing else.

✅ Totally Indie 🤪

I'll eventually get to making videos and all of that promo stuff but the App description quickly shows you what it can currently do <3

Give it a shot, see what it can do, and keep checking for updates =)

Oh and it is available in English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish right out of the box 👌 I want to make it as accessible as I can.

Check it out @ https://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/id1332324033



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    Very well done Alex! Always excited to see other indie iOS dev shipping.

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      Some very quick feedback:

      1. Nice icon!

      2. Why are there 3 different app background colors or themes in 4 screenshots? To show that there are different themes available, or are screens UI a bit inconsistent?

      3. Your app title ("Daily Vibes") and your subtitle ("You can improve your life.") say nothing about your app. From the search results, I have no idea what this app is about. Plus, you lose all the ASO power of titles and subtitles: any word has a HUGE weight in your rankings. You are not leveraging this potential :-).

      4. Then I open the app page and read the first 3 lines of the descriptions, the only lines that appear without clicking "More": I still am not really sure of what the app does. Definitely a quick and easy improvement to do there.

      5. First screen: "You can add a new to-do to get started": I intuitively looked in the top right corner to look for an Add button, before realising it is in the tab bar. No big deal though, might make sense.

      6. A detail, but I love details: when leaving the Add page, the keyboard stays open for 1 second. Maybe try calling textField.resignFirstResponder() or view.endEditing(true) in viewWillDisappear?

      7. Progress tab: year progress: 13% completed. Interesting! I thought this was the % of to-do I had achieved though, so there is maybe a possibility for better phrasing.

      8. In settings, the Made in Toronto cell should not be selectable since it's not a button (its background become gray when we click, but nothing happens).

      9. Bug: if I click "Please rate Daily Vibes", the cell gets selected but nothing happens. If I then click another settings option, the App Store opens to leave a review.

      10. The three dots button is unclear. If these are filters, you could use a filter icon. And the top-tight corner button that appears once I get to that page, and that seems to show more filter options: could you combine those filters on one page, with a section section to your TableView?

      All these are very small details you can improve but the app is great! Congrats!

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        Thanks @kevinq !

        1 - Thanks =)

        2 - Yup, to show that there are four different themes that come out of the box that are compatible with all iPhones (including the highly wanted Night Mode for iPhone Xs).

        3 - Yeah thank you for bringing it up =) It seems to be a noticeable problem because several people brought it up to me. I am aware of this and there is a challenge for a few reasons. But, basically, the main reason is that I haven't had a chance to think about this. hehe =) Any tips on looking up store engine optimization?

        4 - Same as #3 =)

        5 - Yup I understand, but I think as the phone use and phone screen keeps growing, it is natural to keep your main action near the thumb. I don't agree with the top placement that we are so used to. But that is my feeling for now =) Who knows.

        6 - Good idea -- fixed it and will ship starting with next version

        7 - Any thoughts for fixing the phrase? Haven't had any suggestions yet for this =)

        8 - Fixed it -- will ship next version

        9 - Trying to fix... not sure why broken

        10 - Will put it on something to investigate =)

        Thanks man!!!!!