February 1, 2018

Show IH: Feedback on Ripple Price Tracker we built

Hi everyone!

My friend (https://www.indiehackers.com/user/steventsooo) and I recently built a Ripple price tracker called Ripplevert: https://www.ripplevert.com/

We made this site to see the price of XRP across different cryptocurrency exchanges real-time and all on one page.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the site and what you would like to see added.

Thanks for the help!

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    Great design, I was wondering how did you format the prices nicely? I ask because I have a site for Bitcoin but I can't figure out how to format the JSON data and make the price look nice

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      Thanks Alex! Steven wrote more about the development process here: http://steventso.com/posts/ripplevert-live-crypto-tracker/

      I just did the UI in Photoshop and then Steven coded it with Bootstrap I believe. I'll have him follow up with more info about styling the prices specifically.

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          Hi Alex. Thank you for the comment! The front-end is using create-react-app with reactstrap. I just used the responsive table they provide in reactstrap. For colors on the table, we just styled those with plain CSS. We then used React+Redux and the data format we used is [currencypair]->[exchange]->[data]. Hope that helps!

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            Gotcha okay, thanks it does help!!

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    Hey guys!

    1. Price comparison and sorting. Right now, I am lost in decimal digits and it is not quickly understood, where I should go to buy - so add sorting by current price (interactive!)

    2. Analytics. There are tons of trackers everywhere, but if you could focus on providing technical and fundamental analysis for XRP with recommendations (again, live and interactive) then it would become strong differentiator for your site (i suppose)

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      This feedback is huge, thank you very much. I totally agree that the numbers are hard to read. I think we should have an 'average' or 'market' price shown. I will talk to Steven about implementing that.

      Not sure how we can do the live analytics, but I agree. We need to offer something more to make it a valuable tracker.

      Thanks again Ilya. Staffwriter looks awesome btw!

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    Genuine question, other than being specifically being focused on XRP, how do the benefits of your site differ from, say, going on CoinMarketCap?

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      Good question. CoinMarketCap is a great site. Outside of being focused on XRP and showing the prices in a clear/concise manner, I don't think the site has any additional benefits at the moment.

      We are hoping to improve this with feedback by offering more useful tools for Ripple investors. Things like charts, data for 7 days/30 days/90 days, and information on how to store ripple (wallets and best methods).

      What other beneficial features do you think we could add?

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        I think this is what I was expecting when I said "interactive." Having charts and graphs that you could select date ranges to see how XRP has fluctuated would be nice.

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        Cool, I don't personally have any XRP holdings, but I would imagine that since this is tailored to people interested/invested in Ripple, additional features revolving around Ripple would make sense.

        Good luck!

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          Great, thanks for the feedback Kevin, really appreciate it!

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    It's very straightforward. Not interactive in any way?

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      Thank you for the feedback, what type of interactions were you thinking?

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        I'm not sure really. I haven't done any trading of any kind, so I don't really know. I was just telling you what immediately came to mind. ;)