November 8, 2018

[Show IH] GitHub app to automatically merge green pull requests

As freelance and open source developer, I've always been waiting for pull request tests and other checks to finish before merging them.

To solve this problem, I created a GitHub app to automatically merge green pull requests with one accepted review.

Now, I can review pull requests and move on to other tasks, knowing they will be merged if the check suite passes.

The app is free and can be found here

I am interested to know if other people or projects are interested in it and willing to accept new ideas and features to improve it.

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    I'll use this. One suggestion, make it configurable on how many reviews.

    Some clients require 1 review, others require 2-3.

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      Thanks! That's the turning point: when I need to build an app to configure things per repo :)

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    Every company is different so I don't agree with @Grantlyk in regards to larger companies not doing this. There's an entire industry based around this called Continuous Integration. It's very common.

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      I get what you're saying, maybe I was a bit harsh by immediately not considering this to be CI because it doesn't act like current CI solutions but it is defo CI, my mistake

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      Yes, the main use case is when you reviewed and approved the code and need to wait for xx minutes or yy hours for the tests suite to finish.

      Also if you approved the code and an other PR was merged, you could rebase it via the UI and you will have to wait again for the tests to finish.

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    Sounds good for my side projects or maybe smaller open source projects but i'm unsure if larger companies would use it and larger companies have the cash

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      Thanks for checking it. Not sure either about big companies but I suppose it would also improve their workflow, especially when they have big test suites to run.

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        Yeah but what I mean is the way that big companies actually use git can sometimes vary, for example in the company I work at although PRs are reviewed and accepted we still wait for a period of time before we action the actual merge, otherwise the code would be merged too early

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          Does this time depend on anything or it's just random ? Could be an option to perform the merge after xx hours being "green".

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            Yeah it depends on other things, it isn't just a straight time value sadly, but I recon the market will be big enough that this won't be a problem for you, you should still be able to find users