March 1, 2018

Show IH: Just launched FilePond.js - a JavaScript library that can handle any file you throw at it

Hi everyone!

I'm Rik, the developer behind FilePond ( ). I've been working on FilePond for the past year and have recently subscribed to Indie Hackers.

The request feedback post from a couple days back was super useful, with the landing page updated I decided it was time to launch. Thanks everyone for the valuable feedback!

This morning I made a post on Product Hunt, and FilePond is now holding spot #2 on the homepage, yay! \o/

FilePond is free for private and open source use, if you want to use it in a commercial product, today you can use the code PHLAUNCH to get a 15% discount!

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!


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    I'm sure others have already said this but your design is damn awesome!

    Checked your source code and noticed filepond.js alone holds 8000 lines of code. Crazy stuff!

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      Yeah, I'm trying to put my finger on why it's this big, but I think it's because it ships with a lot of default possibilities and I needed it to be very flexible and adapt to property changes immediately (so I can better integrate with frameworks like React).

      I'm hoping to bring down that size in the future, as less bits is better for performance. :-)

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    Hey Rik! Congrats on the launch.

    Is Pqina a one-man company? If so, what is your volume of support requests for your products and how do you handle them?

    (EDIT) I'm also interested in your marketing/sales pipeline. How do you get the word out about your web components? Are most of your sales inbound or outbound?

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      It's me and my wife, she's not into web development but helps me think straight :D

      I think it averages at around 2 to 3 per day ( that is based on my portfolio at CodeCanyon ). I'm currently handling it by email. But I imagine I will adopt a different system if the load increases.

      Historically I did this just by posting it on Envato, which would put it under the noses of millions. BUT, in my experience that market is not very quality driven, people just use what they find first (most customers just want to quickly throw something together and move on to the next project, in my experience tech knowledge is low on average ).

      I'm not sure what you mean by​ inbound or outbound, can you clarify, happy to answer. ( maybe I already did :D )

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        Ha, it is very helpful to have a partner in life and in business!

        By inbound, I mean people discovering your products by searching on their own - things like posting to Envato would qualify, but also traffic from Google, links from blog posts, etc. Outbound means you reach out to customers and try to sell to them - calling them, emailing them, stuff like that.

        If you don't mind me asking, is Pqina your main source of income?

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          Certainly! :D

          Now I understand. My other file upload product is getting quite a bit of traffic from Google, but is still sold on Envato, I'm planning to put a link on that page to FilePond to try and move some users over.

          I haven't done outbound yet. But have gathered a couple hundred email addresses which I will mail once the Image Editor plugin is ready for use.

          My main source of income is consulting and freelancing, which I do two days a week, income from products is slowly climbing and the plan is to one day be able to live off that.

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            Awesome, thanks for being so open 👍

            That's very inspiring - I hope your business continues to grow!

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    @rikschennink, great work, and lots of success with it!

    Do you see any patterns, from your experience, that make a successful PH launch?

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      Thanks @JulianSamarjiev !

      I've launched at the start of the day, added a comment and description plus tried to create captivating titles and subtitles.

      Animated icon and animation on the product page so people get a feel for what it is.

      I think apart from that it's all about getting the right people to do the upvoting, hoping people with connections can get your product featured (I guess that also depends on if it looks polished?). Apparently linking to the product hunt page is not a good idea as they don't value upvotes from those sources as much or not at all. So I've tweeted a lot and posted that it's on Product Hunt. And then I responded to questions here, on Twitter / Reddit and Product Hunt.

      That's basically what I've done today. And so far, its been going great.

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        Thanks for sharing, will take it into account next time I think of launching on PH!

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          I'll write a blog post next week and share on IH :-)

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                Will read it now! Thanks @rikschennink !

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    Congrats on the launch!

    Funny, we launched also this morning and we are currently in the 3rd spot. :D

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      Congrats both of you guys. Upvoted on PH! :)

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      Did you have a mail list you hit prior to launching? What time did you launch?

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      Thanks! And to you!

      What a coincidence, we're both doing something right it seems! 🔥

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    That's awesome, congrats!

    We're in the process right now of transitioning local file storage in our app to a CDN, how would this compete with that?

    For example - a user uploads a file into our app, and other users will be able to access it. Currently it's a little slow, and uploading a new deploy breaks all current files (huge problem, I know)

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      Hi Mark!

      Depending on the CDN I think FilePond should be able to upload files just fine, you might have to setup a custom processing function instead of the default one, but I've designed FilePond as flexible as possible so that shouldn't really be a problem.

      More information on configuring the upload method can be found here:

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    Well done Rik.

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    Hey Rik,

    Great update and congratulations on the launch it sounds like it's starting out great. I'd love for you to do an update next week on how the first week went.

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      Hi Shawn, thanks so much! I'm planning to do a post-launch​ blog post at the start of next week.

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    @rikschennink Congrats on the #2 spot, I also launched today (, but didn't have quite as much luck. Did you have a mail list you hit prior to launching? What time did you launch?

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      Seek well looks really cool!

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      I checked the app in PH and upvoted it. Awesome app. I don't have a use case for it right now, but I'll remember it if I need it.

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    This is beautiful Rik! I've upvoted on PH too!

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      Thanks so much @cfj I truly appreciate it.