July 11, 2018

Show IH: Learn how to build a full stack web app for your side project or business (Builder Book)

Hi Indie Hackers! I'm a new member of the community and have really enjoyed seeing everyone's discussions and successes.

I'm a coauthor of Builder Book: https://builderbook.org/book

This book teaches you how to build a full stack JavaScript web app from scratch. I'm sharing it here because I think it's a good starting point for developers who are learning how to build their own products.

As an example, one of our readers used the code covered in the book to build Retaino: https://retaino.com

You'll learn the following stack: React, Material-UI, Next, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB

as well as APIs for: Google OAuth, Github, AWS SES, MailChimp, Stripe

The final app you build is the same one we use to write and sell the book!

We've open sourced the code for this app on Github: https://github.com/builderbook/builderbook

Please feel free to share feedback and ask me any questions. Thanks!

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    Great book. Any discount for Indie hackers?

    1. 2

      Thank you @emekaonu ! We are not running a discount, but if anyone has difficulty affording the book, they can email me: team@builderbook.org

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    I checked your site on mobile, I don’t see any button to actually buy the book on the homepage..?

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      Thanks for checking. Good to know there is some confusion here.

      The Buy Button appears after you click to see a preview of the book. You get directed here: https://builderbook.org/books/builder-book/introduction

      But on mobile, you will see the Table of Contents full-screen at first and have to click a chapter to start reading a preview.

      I think we will re-implement so that the Table of Contents is hidden first on mobile. Though our book is best for reading on desktop.