November 8, 2018

[Show IH] Simple app to manage recurring team chores

The app is called TeamChores and it's exactly that -- a todo list for your organization. It's not meant to replace anyone's personal todo list, it's a todo list for recurring tasks that a business or organization needs to get done to keep the lights on. It's for weekly reports, monthly analysis, contract or license renewals, or any regularly recurring task that a business may do.

As many of you guys know, business leaders often delegate these things to people on our teams. And as a result they come off our todo list and on to theirs. A lot of times, we don't know if these things didn't get done until well after they should have been completed (often to some small detriment to the business). Additionally when people change positions or take on other responsibilities, we lose track of these intermittent tasks that aren't necessarily part of their day job.

So this tool is designed to fix that. You can share tasks with people or teams, follow tasks as an observer and get alerted when it falls behind, and keep track of the output or results of previous tasks all in one place. It also allows you to build up institutional knowledge around these tasks in a single place. You can capture instructions, notes, gotchas, and reminders all in one central place. It integrates w/ Slack and we're working on a G-Suite integration.

I’d love the IH community’s feedback on the message and the landing page.



  1. 1

    Your app looks really nice! It sounds like a useful tool, although I'm not in that market :)

    I think the message on the home page was clear and concise.

    I thought the name "chores" meant home stuff. Probably not a big deal, but it also felt like a weird word to use for work tasks and might make the user feel like they're a child or being watched.

    The testimonial read a little fake to me. It might just be the "Joe Smith" name or something.

    1. 2

      Thanks Andrew. I really appreciate the feedback. We're definitely testing the "chore" terminology. Thank you for taking a look.