November 8, 2018

Show IH: Small side project -

Hey everyone,

This is a small project I worked on for a few weeks and just deployed last weekend. I found that the domain was on sale for dozens of thousands of dollars, and also noticed that the .io was available. Picked it up and decided to write a quick app for the domain.

I'm hoping that the site will get lots of SEO traffic in the long run. I will most likely add more features and possibly languages.

The concept of the site is pretty simple, it's an easy-to-use tool that lets you convert almost any unit to any other unit.

Have a look if you have a minute, the url is

Please leave your feedback, thanks!

PS: Quick tip, and something I've noticed lately. A lot of really valuable .com domains that are available as .io. Also just picked up which I will probably do something similar with (throw up some kind of reasonable percentage calculator in the next few weeks).

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    Nice work! I like that you have more than just English as a language option.

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      Thanks, I'm trying to translate all of the side projects I make nowadays! I unfortunately use a translation API for translating the strings, so I can't confirm how accurate the translations are. I speak both English and French so I know, at least, that the French one is reasaonble.