November 7, 2018

[Show IH] Stay with Founders in San Francisco/NYC

I'm working on a project called which helps you find awesome people to stay with when you're visiting San Francisco or NYC (more cities to come).

My roommate and I started this because we often had empty rooms in our home and varying luck with Airbnb, but it's quickly grown to tens of houses and travelers in SF and NYC.

It's cheaper than Airbnb, you'll get a private room, and we'll make an effort to match you with a like-minded host.

We're looking for more hosts and guests as we build this out. You can sign up at and mention IH in the "Referred by" section, or shoot me a note at

Would also love feedback from the community: is this something you would use? What makes you want to use it, or not?

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    Have you heard of YesTheory? They are a YouTube channel that focuses on people spreading positivity and doing things out of their comfort zone. It seems like they often have extra space at their house and let other content creators / entrepreneurs stay with them for periods of time. You should reach out to them with your idea. They might like the idea of becoming a host. They live in the LA area.

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      Hey @itsJunc, I've seen their videos! Thanks for the suggestion. Do you know anyone there or should I just reach out cold?

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        I sadly do not personally know anyone there. You would need to reach out cold.