August 25, 2017

Show IH: WhatRuns – Free Technology Lookup to detect Frameworks, SaaS, Wordpress Plugins and Fonts

WhatRuns is a free browser extension that shows you what runs a website – from ad networks and developer tools to fonts and Wordpress plugins. You can also follow websites and get notified when they add or remove technologies.

We soft-launched a couple of weeks back and was lucky enough to be picked up by the Chrome team. We were featured on the Chrome Webstore, landing us 12k active users in one week. It was a huge validation and helped us tremendously in squashing bugs and making a finished product. We realise we have a long way to go, and our little team is working round the clock to make it happen. 🚀

P.S We also launched on ProductHunt ( and HackerNews ( today.

Hope you find this useful, and would love to hear what you think :)

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    Stunning website! I run it on my website and it shows I am using Ruby on Rails and Discourse. It's simple website built with React and Gatsby.js only. What could be the reason?

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      Sorry about the occasional false detections. We are looking into this. This is largely because we detect a considerably large number of technologies/plugins compared to our counterparts. We're working on this. Thanks for trying WR!

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    Comparing with Wappalyzer and BuiltWith, here's why we think we have something different (and maybe better):

    1. WhatRuns detects fonts, Wordpress plugins and themes (tens of thousands of them).

    2. Ability to follow sites (and know what techs websites started using/ditched).

    3. Very lightweight compared to our counterparts, and arguably better UI ;)

    4. More accurate data. BuiltWith can be very inaccurate as you might've already noticed. Wappalyzer is fairly accurate, but limited in technologies. WhatRuns is trying to be the best of both worlds. :)

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      Was just going to ask what the difference between BuiltWith. Very cool, will try this out.

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        Thanks Josh! Would love to know your thoghts.

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          I like your design better. It was a taking a few seconds, then I saw your post about the servers getting bogged down. So far I really like it. Only thing I would worry about now is accuracy. How do you check that? Do you have a way to crowdsource accuracy?

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            Nope, it is not crowdsourced at the moment, but we have some very good technology in place. We are continually improving it for increased accuracy.

            Glad you liked our design btw!

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      Ability to follow sites (and know what techs websites started using/ditched).

      Will you do any reports on what tech that's been adopted and dropped the most each year? I think that would be very interesting!

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        Absolutely, we are already working on some statistics based reports and infographics. Stay tuned!

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          Great! Very interested to see what it reveals

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      You're right; we put minimal effort into the website design as our focus was the core product. I'm sure you'll feel differently if you give the extension a try :)

      Thanks for the feedback though – a complete website re-design and branding are on our roadmap. Cheers!