June 13, 2018

ShowIH: Screely - Instantly turn screenshots into beautiful design mockups

Hello IH馃憢

I recently launched my product on PH, Reddit and HN but only just realized I never got around to sharing it here..

The launch went amazing!

Product Hunt: #1 product of the day, #1 product of the week and #4 product of the month

Hacker News: #1 on Show HN, #15 on the front page

DesignerNews (#2), featured on Codrops Collective, tweeted by CSS tricks and featured on many other smaller sites!

Result: 32k users in the first 7 days馃槺

But since I never shared it with IH, here is a little bit of background:

I regularly want to share what I've worked on with others on Twitter or Slack/Telegram.

However, sharing a simple screenshot always was a bit too bland for my taste... I wanted to make it look better. Give it a background, put it in a fake window with some shadows etc. Make it look like all those fancy Dribbble shots!

You can do this in Photoshop or Sketch with some templates but that takes a lot of time if you just quickly want to share something with friends or coworkers.

That's why I build Screely. With Screely you can instantly generate a beautiful image from a simple screenshot without needing to dive into Photoshop or Sketch first.

Upload an image, choose your background color and hit that download button so you can share it with others.

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    Cool product! And congrats on the launch.

    I was looking for something like this recently to prepare for an upcoming App Store submission (project for reference: www.tribefive.me).

    However, my use case was to take an iPhone app screenshot (from Sketch) but then I needed the screenshot to go inside an iPhone border and then to add a background color too.

    Is that on your roadmap anywhere? ;)



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      I am still unsure if that is a road I want to go down. It seems like there are a lot of apps that are aimed at this specific use case so not sure if Screely can really add value there.

      For now I'm focusing on another use case, if there is adequate demand for the mobile device mockups than I will consider adding it in the future.

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        Totally makes sense! It's clear you have some traction so you should totally pursue that direction.

        Just wanted to give you another use case for the roadmap (in the future).

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    Congrats! Could you explain a bit about what went into it in terms of marketing/development in the run up to launch?

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      Marketing-wise: not too much honestly. I had no experience launching a product on these platforms as this was the first ever product I build since I started learning how to code. I read the Product Hunt guide to launching and Pieter Level's MAKE book. I am in a Telegram group with quite a few other makers and I already had some people using my product from there and some of them left a review or upvoted it on PH.

      Development: I log my completed tasks daily for transparency, there is a link in the footer of Screely where you can view these. This should give you an idea of how long it took to build and what I did each day.

      I want to write a blog post on this launch soon with what I learned, what mistakes I made during the launch and all the traffic numbers. If you have topics that you'd like to see discussed then I'm happy to include them!

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        Thanks for the info. Did you use any paid advertisement?

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          No, not at all. Introducing paid plans is still a 2-3 months away probably so all the money I would invest would be lost because I don't have a way to make positive ROI.

          All traffic so far was gained without paying a cent.

          Once the paid plans are added it is something I want to experiment with

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        I've been using it since your post on HN. Congrats!

        Can you share the name of the Telegram group?

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          Awesome! It was surprising to see how many people still use it daily after the initial launch was over. Was expecting traffic to go under 100/day after launch but it looks like it's stabilized around 700-800 users/day now with no extra promotion.

          The name of the TG group is wip.chat. Fair warning: access to the group is not free!

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            Thanks, will have a look at becoming a wip.chat patron. Congrats again on the 800 daily users!

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              Thank you!