January 8, 2019

Side project income 2018: $350 MRR

I'm a software engineer and run a small business on the side. Each year I do a retrospective with my numbers and what I spent my time on.

Here's 2018's post. Hopefully it's helpful for your own journey!

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    Cheers for sharing

    Love this one https://www.minmaxmeals.com/ - think it could do with a mailing list sign-up, I'd certainly sign up!

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      It's got one, though it's a bit hidden away: there's a callout at the bottom of posts and a mention on the index pages (eg https://www.minmaxmeals.com/recipes).

      Thoughts on where you'd put it so it's more obvious?

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        oh! I missed it because I was skimming the page and glossed over that text

        I think if you want to drive sign-ups then a more prominent call to action button / text box etc. (I'm no expert)

        I went for a minimal in-line form on mine http://schemaexplorer.io/ (scroll down to the "Free trial download" heading)

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          The input field and submit button on schema explorer seem really small to me.

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    Awesome Simon, thanks for sharing!

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    Annual retro's? Always a good thing!

    The team I'm working on now holds weekly retros where we simply catch up on how things went. You'll never hit all of your deadlines, goals, etc. So it's helpful sometimes to talk about 'why?'

    • Was it a bandwidth issue?

    • Did we underestimate how much time a particular task was going to take?

    • Did we set a goal without any clear path on how to achieve it?

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    Nice work! Always exciting to hear about micro side projects w/a single owner/developer/etc.

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    Great work! Shame to hear about your playlists app.