Stripe feedback

I'm one of Stripe's cofounders. I'd love to read any Stripe feedback/complaints/suggestions from Indie Hackers!

  • What's most annoying today?
  • What are the things you'd most like to see Stripe help with / solve?
  • Did anything make it hard for you to start using Stripe in the first place?
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    I'd love to see Estonian incorporation support though Atlas. Maintaining a US corporation is too burdensome for international contractors to start accepting payments on our site (if they are outside of countries supported by Stripe).

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      Yes, US has some downsides for sure. Why Estonia? (Apart from the fact that they have the e-citizenship program.) Where are you based?

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        Managing an Estonian company remotely is super easy. Also no corporate tax if you reinvest all profits in the company.

        I would love to see Stripe Atlas support outside of the US too! If not Estonia, maybe Ireland, Singapore?

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        We're based in the US and using Stripe Connect with Express + Standard accounts. Between a third and a half of contractors that sign up for our site (https://www.moonlightwork.com) drop off during the signup flow because Stripe doesn't support their country. At The Information's subscriber conference this year, I asked you about how quickly you're expanding payment support to other countries. However, as we did more user research, we found that users can get around country limitations by incorporating internationally. US corporations are expensive and more optimized for fundraising, but for a simple single-owner entity, our users tell us that they prefer Estonia.

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          Very interesting -- thanks.

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          I'm one of the users who dropped off because of this :)

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        Yes, please, please come to Estonia! I've personally been asking for Stripe for over 4 years now. ☹️

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        Yes, Estonia ftw!

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        Estonia is physically in the northwest of Europe. But being in the frontline of an e-government (or what I like to call StartupCountry) is probably the biggest reason. Hit up Kaspar to know more: https://twitter.com/kasparkorjus

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      +1 for Estonia!

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      Why Estonia and not Andorra, Portugal (+Madeira), Bulgaria, Czechia, Georgia, Gibraltar, Montenegro, Monaco, Luxembourg, Ireland, The Netherlands or Switzerland? All of these countries have as good or better tax conditions than Estonia, with good e-government. Unless of course you want to pay regular tax rates, but this question wouldn't be asked in that case.

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        Maybe Estonia is better marketed? I wasn't even aware there was better. Very keen to know about the better options, if you can share them.

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      Can we have Atlas but incorporated in Singapore? As someone from Asia, US law and tax are just too confusing and troublesome.

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      I've recently moved to Estonia and found LeapIn (https://www.leapin.eu), might be worth a look.

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    Hi Patrick, I would love to see a Stripe API to issue virtual credit cards (or prepaid cards) funded via the Stripe balance.

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      Have you heard of a company called Emburse.com ? It's a virtual (and/or physical) card that you can issue to your employees. You could technically issue yourself a card and make sure that Stripe $ is deposited into that account. Temp hack-around until Patrick buys them? :)

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      That would be amazing! I don't even know a bank which offers virtual cards although it could be used to pay all the bills

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    I am from India. I have been following Stripe for a long time. And I Love Stripe.
    I know Stripe is in closed Beta in India. I would like to get Stripe access here in India. What should I be doing? Thanks


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      I'll go chat with the team to see if they're ready to take more folks...

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        Hey Patrick! Thanks for starting this thread.

        It would be awesome if Stripe India could let in more folks :)

        I’d be more than happy to help with any feedback if possible.

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          Hi @pranav7 - Would love to help if you are looking to try us out in India. Could you email me at [email protected]

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        Hi Patrick,
        Thanks for taking time to reply me. I appreciate it.

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          This comment was deleted 3 years ago.

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      Hi Viki

      would love to support you. Would be very helpful to understand what your needs are currently to better understand of our beta in India would meet your needs. Would it be possible for you to drop me a note on my email - [email protected]

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        Hey Anand,
        Thanks for replying. I have mailed you the details.


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        Hey Anand,

        I would like to know if Stripe will allow for individuals in India. Currently Razorpay doesn't allow for it and you can only register as an incorporated entity.

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          Hi Kartik,

          We do plan to support all types of users. DM me if you have any specific request


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      Hi @patrickc @anandbalaji I'm very excited to use the Stripe in India. You guys have a spot for me please?

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        Hi @bharathi3p - would love to help you. Could you email me at [email protected]

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          @anandbalaji Sent an email. Thanks

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    Hey Patrick,

    I think Stripe is awesome and I would really like to use it but I'm from Ukraine :(
    That is really frustrating for me and for a bunch of my friends that we have to use more expensive alternatives (I pay about 10% of each transaction right now).

    I know you have Stripe Atlas but it is still an obstacle to me since I am not from the US and I'm kind of afraid of all that US taxes and laws which I can unconsciously break.

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      Ukraine in on the list!

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      Have you tried Paddle? paddle.com

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      BTW, what alternative are you using?

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    Hi Patrick! Have been using Stripe now for multiple businesses. Onboarding is top notch and it's super easy to get those first payments in! In general i think you guys are way ahead of the competition in terms of a satisfying product and easy of use.

    One thing that could make my indiehacker life easier is some improvements in invoices and V.A.T. processing. Right now i have to set up my own systems to provide my customers with the correct invoices (in PDF) with their V.A.T. calculations. Once build for one product, it's not really hard to implement it for the others. But a nice generic Stripe solution would be amazing!

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      Thanks! Can you describe what your ideal VAT support would look like?

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        Country and V.A.T. number fields in the Stripe javascript library (with logic to show V.A.T. field when necessary), automatically save V.A.T. eligibility/exemption of the (new) customer to the Stripe customer object and apply the V.A.T. rate to the plan payments when applicable.

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          Hey Wouter! I built Quaderno.js to do exactly that: http://developers.quaderno.io/article/141-quaderno-js. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help!

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            Hey Carlos! We met here in Las Palmas at Hari's place during Christmas. Funny to see you pop up here!

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              Hey! 👋 Nice to see you here.

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          👍 thanks!

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    ## Most annoying:

    over at podia.com we use Stripe Connect to let creators get paid through their Stripe account. By far the most annoying aspect is the limited countries supported by Stripe which necessitates us supporting Paypal too. Frankly, building the Paypal integration was nearly a quit-the-industry moment for me so please please please make it so I never have to build another one. I don't think Stripe will have succeeded until Paypal has been eliminated from this planet.

    ## Stripe should solve:

    VAT, VAT, VAT, EU VAT, VAT MOSS, and, did I mention? VAT.

    There are two aspects here: collecting and storing the VAT information (location, IP address, card details) and calculating the VAT amount.

    I'd like to see the collection/storage of the VAT info through Stripe Elements (if the card or IP indicates they're in the EU, prompt them for their country and ask if they have a VAT number. Yes, it's sort of complex. Yes, that's why Stripe should solve it ;-)

    Calculating the VAT is a relatively straightforward aspect: find the country, find the VAT rate, apply the VAT rate. But with Stripe you need to do that both at the checkout and in a webhook to modify the generated invoice every month. This webhook-to-add-VAT has always seemed like a hack to me.

    ## Getting started with Stripe is hard because…

    (ok, I complained about Paypal previously so this might come across as a bit "first-world problems")

    Stripe requires writing so much code to get started, particularly with subscriptions. There's no "common business configuration" which I can adopt that reduces the custom code I need to write. I have to handle the various webhooks to orchestrate a cancellation, or an upgrade, or a coupon, or VAT etc. It's hard to figure out which webhook corresponds to the "stop allowing access to the product by this user because their subscription has expired" event. It's kinda the customer.subscription.deleted event but that all depends on how the rest of your account is configured and it's not obvious to a beginner. Don't even get me started on the mental gymnastics involved in pro-rations!

    Sometimes it feels like integrating with Stripe is like writing C code but I'd really like to be using Ruby.

    I've started recommending startups using a higher-level service (like ChargeBee) to avoid a lot of the integration code and tough-but-generally-unnecessary choices Stripe requires. I'd like my payment processor integration to be telling me what to do inside the app, not what has happened inside the payments: more "this user is now on plan Y so give them the appropriate access" not "this subscription has cancelled and another subscription has been created, oh and this is the invoice, and you should tell me quickly how to handle the proration" — oh, and give me hosted/embedded pages for upgrade/downgrade/cancellation/invoices.

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      Hi Jamie! I work for the partnerships team at Stripe, and we'd love to better understand your feedback here. It would be great to set up a quick call to chat, if you're up for it. Please email me at [email protected], and we can coordinate. Thanks!

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        quick follow up here, Jamie, if you're free! please let me know.

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      Hey Jamie -- we actually saw (and discussed) your tweet about Stripe being like C a few weeks ago :-). Certainly thought-provoking.

      VAT: Yes. We know. We will. Thanks for being blunt.

      Subscriptions: we've a new version in the works. I hope it makes a bunch of this easier.

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        Hey @PatrickC - any updates on VAT ?
        More and more of us are hesitant to migrate to a solution like Paddle because of this :/

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        Hey Patrick, we're really interested in this VAT stuff as well.
        Any rough idea of what/when to expect something from Stripe about this?

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        Absolutely something I'm interested in (the new subscription service) as well!

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    Hey Patrick,

    Andy from Tettra.co here. Great to see you here and thanks for stopping by. I made you a video with two small pieces of UX feedback to answer your first question here: soapbox.wistia.com/videos/GrY6vxT4MP

    I also wish I had more of an ability to manage my business on the go in the iOS app for things like modifying a subscription or extending a trial in app. I haven't been able to find a way to do that and it seems more just like a reporting app. Logging into the web app version on mobile is pretty hard to use too because it's not responsive.

    Another small request that would make the day better for a revenue-driven founder like myself would be to add a distinguishing flag between new and existing MRR in the Stripe payment emails. We goal ourselves on net new MRR every month at Tettra and it would be handy to know right in my email when we got a new customer or upgrade vs. an existing charge going through. Right now I need to go to ProfitWell or look at our Slack notifications from them to know when we got a new customer or upgrade.

    On your last question - Nothing really stands out that made Stripe tough to get going with that I recall. I'm technical, so maybe nothing was confusing for me because the product originally started out for developers and it would be more confusing for non-technical folks.

    Overall, Stripe is an amazing product and thank you for slogging through the payments industry to make it happen. We're huge fans and we love it at Tettra.


    1. 1

      Hey Andy,

      Thank you so much for making that video! Both of those are excellent bits of feedback. We'll get on them.

      Out of curiosity, why do you want to do subscription management from the iOS app? (Our assumption has been that you're normally at a computer when that happens -- responding to a support email, or something like that.)

      And that's a great idea re the payment emails.

      Thanks again.

      1. 4

        Happy to help and glad it was useful.

        On the iOS app, we don't have a dedicated support team and it's mostly me answering tickets (alongside a thousand other things I have to do as a founder :)

        Chats come into my phone during idle times a lot like when I'm waiting in line for lunch, commuting to the office or just sitting on the couch and don't feel like getting my computer.

        Often, it's a simple request for a trial extension or cancellation. I could let the ticket sit or do it later on a computer, but if I'm already talking to someone in an idle moment it would be good to just get the ticket wrapped up right then to get it off my plate for later while I'm already free.

        Alternatively, I could build an automated script or self-service process for this stuff but it seems like something that could exist in the iOS app. Of course, I might be the exception here and most people are just using it to keep updated, so won't be offended if you build for the most common use case.

        1. 2

          Hi Andy, I work on the iOS app here at Stripe and would love to get feedback on your use cases! Please email me at [email protected] if you'd be open to discussing.

        2. 1

          All makes sense -- thanks!

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        Hi Patrick, I'd like to see a more fully featured iOS app. As a solo-founder running a business with customers all over the world, often your phone is the only computer you have to hand.

        In particular being able to create Subscription discounts (Coupons) would be really useful, I find myself logging in to the webapp on my phone to do this which is a pain.

        I really love Stripe, your documentation and UX are sublime!

    2. 1

      This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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    I'd probably be using Stripe today if you supported VAT. Currently I'm using Paddle. A few people here are saying that VAT support is easy, it's not:

    1. You need to determine the user's location, and ensure that you have two pieces of evidence of that location that coincide (e.g. IP, card billing address, bank location, phone number etc). If you go through the payment flow and then later in the flow determine that your data is inconsistent (i.e. later in the flow your billing address doesn't coincide with the IP because the user is on holiday), you have to go back to the user and get them to supply more evidence manually.
    2. Allow the user to enter a VAT ID, validate it via the EU's flakey web service, or use a regex and cross your fingers.
    3. Decide whether to charge the VAT or not. Even if the user has entered an ID, sometimes you have to charge it and then they claim it back later, e.g. the UK. But they still have to enter the ID so it appears on their invoice.
    4. Look up the VAT - generally easy, but also there are exemptions for things like betting & gaming.
    5. Charge the VAT and retain it.
    6. Issue a valid VAT invoice - these differ per member state, you can't just use one format if you want them to be legal.
    7. Register for VAT in a member state, if you're not already.
    8. 4 times a year, send in the tax to the state you're registered with, along with all your accounting of it and the evidence you collected.
    9. If they don't like your evidence, argue with them.

    That's for the EU. But more countries require this sort of thing now, e.g. Australia and New Zealand. But they don't participate in MOSS, so you have to register with them for VAT and remit the collected VAT to them too. You also can't use the EU VAT ID validation service, so you're integrating with some other thing too, if they provide one.

    You asked what the ideal Stripe functionality for VAT would be. With Paddle, I don't see any of that - I charge and receive $100 per sale, users in EU, Aus, NZ etc get charged more but I never see that (the data is there in the webhook, but I don't care). That is the ideal integration, but it may not be possible in Stripe's case. Paddle manage the checkout so they can handle all the (many many) edge cases in the payment flow, and they send the invoices so they can adjust the format as required. They're the merchant of record so they collect and pool the VAT and remit it.

    I have faith that you guys can make this as easy as possible, but it is a real mess. It would have to be very easy indeed to compete with Paddle, for me.

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    I'd love Stripe to have a marketing page specifically designed for my Stripe Connect clients. (Typically very small yoga/fitness studios..so very small biz.) We use Standard Connect accounts, so my customers has their own account. They often have questions around basically 'what the heck is Stripe, and how does it compare to Authorize.net, my local bank merchant account, etc.' Sending them to Stripe.com can be confusing - they aren't developers and don't really run an 'Internet' business. So basically a page that helps them grok what Stripe is and the relationship with them (and us) is.

    I know I can create that (and have)...but at the end of the day we are also making them understand that the Stripe account is THEIR account. And that's a feature - if they decide to leave Punchpass then they keep their payment processing account.

    Thanks for doing this! Overall we love the product. I would never have thought payments would be one of the easiest parts of my app.

    1. 1

      We definitely need to do this. Thanks for flagging.

      1. 1

        I can second this - at the startup I worked at, I onboarded our clients (in the same industry, fitness instructors) over the phone on getting set up on Stripe. I recorded webcasts and wrote up docs, but a centralised place that really outlines what it is if we're directing third parties to the site would be super helpful!

        And from a personal point, I'd also echo the previous comments about EU VAT handling. I've so far been put off selling digital info products just because I don't want to jump through all of those hoops for potentially a very small return.

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    As someone else mentioned would really love VAT support. Stripe solves the payment gateway pain but their is a quite significant pain left and thats VAT. Basically need to collect and verify VAT numbers along with country and IP of users and use this to calculate if there is any VAT to add at checkout time and obviously log for accounting purposes. This is one alternative we are considering for now

    1. 1

      Hey! I'm Carlos, the founder of Quaderno 😌
      Let me know if you have any questions about the tool or digital taxes in general. Happy to help!

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    Hey Patrick,
    Big fan of Stripe here. Love how it empowers more people to start their own business on the Internet.
    Yet, many folks still can't use Stripe. You must continue to lower the barrier to creating an online business, for everyone.

    As for actionable feedback:

    We're making CashNotify, a desktop app for Stripe.
    We believe our customers care about the confidentiality of their data. That's why we don't use Connect (which would require an intermediate server operated by us), and instead ask them for their Stripe API keys.

    For obvious security reasons, we'd love to use the new Restricted API keys (with read-only rights). However we can't, because some of the account's own data (display_name, business_logo, default_currency) are not accessible.

    We'd love to see these data accessible through restricted API keys.


    1. 1

      Thanks! That's very good feedback. Have passed along.

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    Hi Patrick,

    I love Stripe and in particular, Stripe Connect, which I'm using in my current project. I really appreciate the devotion to developer experience and great design.

    Question 1: What are some things you're interested in doing with Stripe some day but aren't on your road map yet?

    Question 2: Any interest in a 'consumer side' to Stripe, similar to Paypal's accounts for shoppers and regular people who want to send money to each other?

    Please never stop trying new, big things like Atlas. Everything I build as an indie hacker is because I want the world to be a place where people are less dependent on traditional employment, can contribute more, and enjoy more freedom. Stripe has done more on that front recently than perhaps anyone else and I think that's really admirable.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. 1

      Question 1: What are some things you're interested in doing with Stripe some day but aren't on your road map yet?

      Hmm... too many to share :-). Plus, they may yet end up on the roadmap! But there's a lot that we'd like to build that we don't have the bandwidth for yet. (And... we're hiring.)

      Question 2: Any interest in a 'consumer side' to Stripe, similar to Paypal's accounts for shoppers and regular people who want to send money to each other?

      Our general take is that there are a lot of good consumer payment solutions today and we don't see a big need for a new one. How would we be better? (Open to ideas here.)

      Please never stop trying new, big things like Atlas. Everything I build as an indie hacker is because I want the world to be a place where people are less dependent on traditional employment, can contribute more, and enjoy more freedom. Stripe has done more on that front recently than perhaps anyone else and I think that's really admirable.

      Thank you! That means a lot to hear.

      1. 1

        I ask about the consumer payment solution for one reason:

        Every project I've worked on that went with Paypal instead of Stripe was because so many people use Paypal to buy things on the internet, and we didn't want to lose those. I'm not sure that a Paypal integration is likely or possible for Stripe, so having a payment solution for consumers would break into that area and remove Paypal's seeming monopoly on it.

        I'll admit that I don't know how you'd specifically be better, but if it's at all like the comparison between taking payments with Stripe vs Paypal, I'd have everyone I know switching over pretty quickly.

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    Hey Patrick,

    First off I love stripe (I went through atlas for my company!).

    I recently launched a website builder(https://www.launchaco.com/) and a lot of our users want a stripe integration to accept payments. At first, we wanted to request their live key and webhook URL for payments (then we don't need the secret) and whitelist our domain in their app. However, this is a bit out of scope for a lot of people unfamiliar with server side-code. We think it would be empowering if stripe handled basic server hooks for payments instead of having users need to use a third party app if they are unfamiliar with backend code.

    1. 2

      Thanks! Can you describe how you’d like to see the server hooks work?

      (And why not use Connect rather than getting their keys?)

      1. 1

        Connect seems amazing but might be too grandeious for just accepting simple payments for our users. We could be mistaken and will look at connect more. Essentially when a stripe user defines a payment plan in stripe, they also specify a domain name to whitelist and get a URL generated for Stripe UI elements' form to hit.

        1. 4

          Hey cam, Amazing relaunch of Launchaco. Connect is exactly what you need. People can just authorize your Connect app like how an FB app works. Check it out.

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    First, thank you for making it so easy to 1. accept payments and 2. form a c-corp.

    I just filed my Delaware Franchise Tax thru Stripe Atlas today and it was simple.

    What's most annoying today?

    Payments bouncing.

    I know little to nothing about payment processing, but is there a way to better vet payment forms on day 1?

    We offer a 30 day trial and all payments pass the initial vetting done by Stripe, but when it's time to charge the card after the trial, about 1/3 of the payments bounce for various reasons.

    It makes calculating MRR unpredictable and it takes a ton of time to reconcile with the customer.

    What's most annoying today? (2)

    If a customer switches subscriptions it either terminates or restarts their trial. It'd be nice if Stripe could recognize that the user is moving from Plan_1 with a 30 day trial to Plan_2 with a 30 day trial on day 20, so Plan_2 should start with only 10 days left on the trial.

    Maybe it's a user error on my end, but haven't found a good way to set this up.

    1. 1

      It makes calculating MRR unpredictable and it takes a ton of time to reconcile with the customer.

      Hm! How do you reconcile with the customers today?

      If a customer switches subscriptions it either terminates or restarts their trial. It'd be nice if Stripe could recognize that the user is moving from Plan_1 with a 30 day trial to Plan_2 with a 30 day trial on day 20, so Plan_2 should start with only 10 days left on the trial.

      That's an interesting point. I'll flag this for the subscriptions team.

      Thanks for the thoughts.

      1. 1

        How do you reconcile with the customers today?

        Usually unsuccessfully -- I'll remove their subscription in Stripe, so the next time they log into my webapp it takes them to the payment screen. I'll also email them to let them know their payment bounced. Most don't respond or ever update their payment info.

        Thanks for the response, Patrick!

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    I think Stripe Atlas is an excellent idea...except I won't use it because I want to be an LLC in New York rather than a C corp in Delaware.

    I know why C corps in Delaware would be desirable, but there are also plenty of reasons why you'd want to have another kind of business (LLC) located somewhere else (NY). Especially if you're an Indie Hacker. Your default configuration seems to be catered towards startups looking for funding, rather than the bootstrappers.

    I would love to be able to use Atlas though, because I find your other features valuable...setting up a bank account, talking to a lawyer, special offers etc. It genuinely looks like a useful service.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback! Why a New York LLC, out of curiosity? (Like, why that state?)

      1. 1

        Thanks for responding!

        New York State has some tax incentives (in addition to some local incentives where I live) via START-UP NY: https://esd.ny.gov/startup-ny-program

        However, I wasn't necessarily advocating for New York specifically, but rather for an Atlas user to be able to choose their business type and location, since there might be other such state-specific incentives better suited for startups that are not necessarily looking for VC/investor money.

        I think the work you guys have done with Atlas has been amazing, and I'd love to see it help facilitate and empower the bootstrapper mindset as well as the "traditional" startup :)

  16. 2

    I wish you had an affiliate payout system that covered China via bank transfer and also had a printed-check option, ideally with an international mailing service option as well.

    1. 2

      Interesting! Can you describe the use-case in a bit more detail?

      1. 1

        Like I could send an API call that said something like "write out a check to this person and mail it to this address".

        I'd likely need an ability to check if that check was cashed or not to re-issue another check if the affiliate claimed they did not get the check. The old check would then need to be voided somehow, but apparently that's something banks can do.

        My current use-case is for a SMB software SaaS affiliate program, and my goal future use case is to create a massive ad platform like Adsense that can handle the payment infrastructure hassles to pay publishers / content creators their cut. I guess that marketplaces like Etsy run into similar issues.

        On a side note, the more ambitious stuff may blow up fast and I'm planning to use you guys for payments since you have a reputation for not freezing funds, but I was planning to use PayPal mass-pay for payouts due to their more global coverage. It'd seem more ideal if I could just do it all in Stripe via mailed checks and not risk a PR-hit from PayPal freezing a booming startup by freezing the funds that are supposed to go to its affiliates / publishers.

        $1.15 to send mail anywhere in the world doesn't seem too bad:

        It'd seem like such an organization for doing that stuff would be nicer in your API than something that developers would have to individually create. Maybe this can solve Pippin's issue and the issues of his users as well. If you want to get a good feel for the types of clients that would likely want such a system, I'd just ask Pippin for breakdown of his affiliate software's user types.

        1. 1

          Hi there! I work for the partnerships team at Stripe, and we'd love to better understand your feedback here. It would be great to set up a quick call to chat, if you're up for it. Please email me at [email protected], and we can coordinate. Thanks!

          1. 1

            quick follow up here, if you're free! please let me know.

  17. 2

    I would like to be able to set it up in Mexico, which has been in beta / coming soon for ever!

    1. 1

      Yes... sorry about the delay here. 🙈

      1. 1

        Thanks for the reply! Also are you hiring? Who can I email? I work in fintech in NY but am considering a move to the bay area.

        1. 2

          And I love stripe, in case it wasn't clear :) which is why I would love to use it in Mexico.

          1. 1

            Thank you :-)

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    Hi Patrick!

    Stripe used to offer a Recipients API that allowed platforms to create a recipient using a bank account or debit card. This was perfect for sending payments for accumulated earnings to people once per month.

    For example, I used the Recipients API to send monthly payments to affiliates that promote my products. This worked beautifully because affiliates could simply enter their debit card in a form on my site and then I could send them payments for their accumulated earnings.

    The Recipients API was deprecated and we've been told to use Stripe Connect instead. The problem, however, is that Stripe Connect really doesn't offer the same flexibility. While ridiculously powerful, Connect doesn't offer a system like Recipients where a card or bank account can be stored and then sent payments at anytime. Stripe Connect also breaks down when a store processes payments through multiple payment gateways (PayPal and Stripe, for example).

    I've spoken with support several times about this and they've all agreed that Stripe Connect doesn't provide a good way to handle these types of payouts.

    Can you share if there are any plans to re-introduce a Recipients like API?

    1. 2

      Yeah... we know that there's a hole here. We're thinking about how best to address it. Thanks for the feedback.

      1. 1

        I would also like to see something like this implemented. I've been in touch with your support for a few days trying to figure out how we can do simple payouts to users. It seems like the only way we could do that is through Stripe Connect. Which requires creating some form of an account for the user receiving the payout and the funds can only be transferred if they are captured by Stripe.

        This may not be ideal for an affiliates system that does not capture payments in order to pay affiliates or an app that pays users cash for prizes or completing a task. The fees associated with creating a Connect account seem too high for these simple use case as well. PayPal makes it simple to payout users with just an email address and a nominal fee of $0.25.

  19. 2

    Hey Patrick!

    Here is a link to a question I posted on Stack Overflow a while back. I'm not sure if this has already been implemented (I'm using custom forms now), but since the question was never resolved, I think there might be a need...


  20. 2

    Hi Patrick,

    Not sure if others have a similar experience, but a Paypal button currently seems to be much easier/faster to integrate. Especially when you are not coding your own payment gateway and using a third party. It might just be a lack of easy/accessible documentation or a slightly frictional integration process.

    1. 1

      Yes, making it even easier to integrate Stripe is high on our list.

      1. 1

        I was wondering if you have looked at enterprise solutions specific to colleges - my school handles a ton of payments but no elegant payment processing - all non-tuition payments (for trips, events etc.) that we have to pay the school are all cash - might be interesting to look into

  21. 2

    Most annoying: last time I've checked, Stripe wasn't available in my country (Romania). But I don't see the point to create another company (via Atlas program) in the USA just for using Stripe.
    Maybe someday will be available in here too.

    1. 4

      We will, eventually!

  22. 2

    Most annoying: Lack of availability in many countries (I'm South African), which means I cannot use it and therefore not answer your other questions ;)

    1. 2

      South Africa is definitely on the list of countries we plan on supporting in the future. Sorry about the delay.

      1. 1

        But this has been the standard response from Stripe for at least the past 3 years. I've queried it with Stripe many times in the past.

        Any chance of getting a better answer than the standard response?

  23. 2

    Love the idea behind Stripe Atlas. I think you guys should continue expanding that to the point that a founder could simply start a business with one click and completely offload the crappy parts of running a business. Filing taxes, book keeping, legal boilerplate, etc. As a founder, the less I have to deal with that stuff, the more time I have to devote to building the business. Granted at some point the founder needs to talk to lawyers / accountants, but having those available and accessible via the system would simplify things a lot.

    1. 2

      You should follow what the Atlas team is doing! (E.g. the recent tax stuff.) Lots more to come in this vein.

  24. 1

    Stripe, love at first sight? Complete nightmare. This review will be different. I got facts. Stripe lets you charge customers for the first few days before the payout comes, then sends an e-mail, classic, right? They use your money whilst blocked to make more money, and sometimes they just never pay out according to this website?

    Well this happened to my cousin who was processing with credit cards. Random shutdown and blocked his money for 180 days. I opened up a stripe account and avoided credit cards because of the so called "high risk". I made a store and started to accept iDeal and Bancontact, neither was I selling any prohibited or against the rules, I've read them paragraph by paragraph. I read through the whole documentation, see Stripes documentation about iDeal it says :

    "Disputed payments
    iDEAL has a low risk of fraud or unrecognized payments because the customer must authenticate the payment with their bank. Therefore, there is no dispute process that can result in a chargeback and funds withdrawn from your Stripe account."

    Funny thing is I got 6 payments deducted from my account after 7 days ( Now negative balance as well ), I got 0 notifications about a chargeback ( Which should be not possible at all reading their documentation ), but no notification, no e-mail that they refunded the customer back, nothing nada.

    And yet with 0 credit card payments processed and only iDeal I got marked as high-risk, got my account blocked for 90 days and left me out with huge advertisement debts. ( You need to advertise mainly to generate traffic and income ). Well what if you invest a lot and have a lot of orders? Well do the math, hard in the butt.

    I still have to wait till August for my money and even then its not sure, because you all know Stripe by now. Who ever reads this, its too good too be true. Go stick with authorize or mollie, ayden. So many honest processors out there. Stay absolutely away.

    Edit :

    They just refunded another payment, telling me that it is not Stripe. Are they stealing money?

  25. 1

    The only issue I have with Stripe is the delay in Payout Delay of 7 days for UK accounts. We had to move to Braintree to reduce that to 2 days, operations struggled hard.

  26. 1

    We are a startup in Monaco with a bank account number BNP Paribas.
    we are creating a global online platform where subscribers around the world have to pay to use our platform.
    can we use Stripe payment module in Monaco?

  27. 1

    I know I'm way late, but just in case this might get reviewed, I'd really like to see more support for Stripe + Plaid, specifically on WordPress. For example it's my understanding that you worked with WooCommerce or made an arrangement with them to make the Stripe extension for WooCommerce free. Is a great extension and supports ACH and several similar methods in Europe and such, but nothing here in the US. Paid with Stripe makes it so simple for someone to setup payment! If you can do anything to nudge the WooCommerce team to get support for it added, I'd sure appreciate it!

    Would love to see support in Gravity Forms' Stripe add-on, and Easy Digital Downloads, and such, as well.

  28. 1

    Hi, late to this, but we're just looking at integrating Stripe to take payments on trackly.io. As a startup selling electronically delivered services in Europe - the whole VAT thing is a massive pain point. If Stripe could solve the problem once and for all that would be amazing.

  29. 1

    I'd love to use it from brazil but still BETA any news when it will get available or when we would be able to join BETA?

  30. 1

    Thought of something else today while working.

    Would be awesome to have the formatting from the receipt permalink pages come through when printing the page. I often want to use it to create PDF receipts for customers, but they don't look great... Thanks!

    Permalink: https://pasteboard.co/H5dEcPM.png
    PDF printout: https://pasteboard.co/H5dDFBl.png

    1. 1

      Looks like you have "Background graphics" turned off in Chrome.

      1. Click Print
      2. Click "More Settings"
      3. Make sure "Background graphics" is checked.


  31. 1

    Is this a legitimate concern and is Stripe doing anything to mitigate it? (Not my blog post but seems scary).

  32. 1

    I started using Stripe in 2014. I don't like stripe elements. I like the ability to have an API to create a token by passing the method an object of required fields. It gives me more flexibility when I don't have to succumb to the elements api to create the UI. It forces people to use a one off pattern that differs from the rest of their app.

  33. 1

    Would love to use Stripe, but can't because our country isn't supported.

  34. 1

    I'd love to get some microtransaction support soon! Stripe could be key to the new payment model that will need to arise for content as blockers continue to drive ad revenues down (and as good-faith content producers continue to think on the perverse incentives pushed by the ad revenue model).

    I recently started building a product with a large chunk of transactions intended to fall between $0.50 and $5.00 USD, and paused my work on it because the fees offered by Stripe—which truly is the best option, miles ahead of PayPal, etc. (which have worse fees anyway)—would have made the service financially untenable.

  35. 1

    I love Stripe. However, I fear it is creating a culture where people are comfortable putting their credit card details into forms without doing too much to check for legitimacy. I remember the first time I did a Typeform with Stripe integration I was like "is this real Stripe or is this just a continuation of the form?". I could imagine other forms which just ask for details, and as users are so conditioned to input the data freely, they would go ahead and give away their CC without question.

  36. 1

    Damn, dealing with this right now :P

    Basically i am integrating Stripe by using checkout; what i do is to generate an hashed content that i use to verify some stuff:

    • the user is purchasing an existing product (and not, for example, an old one no more in the catalog)
    • that the purchase is not being tampered (though Stripe is able to reject already used tokens)


    Ideally i should need Stripe to accept a custom token from the client using the JS library to generate a token. Receiving such token back will grant me that the token generation stage is really a valid step of the purchase process.

    To my understanding, i can achieve this in two ways:

    1. attach some information to the payload that the client sends to Stripe (iirc, i can attach metadata to card or bank info); i don't see this as being exactly the best place to store such info
    2. i drop the Checkout approach and manage the token creation 'manually', but i'd be falling into the PCI stuff, which i'd be happy to avoid.

    Am i right or there's something i am missing ?

    Of course, i did not do any compliments for the service, it's obvious :D

  37. 1

    Hi, developers in Africa specifically my home, Kenya need Stripe support. Please consider us especially mobile money payment integrations like m-Pesa, Airtel Money etc.

  38. 1

    Hi Patrick,

    I love Stripe. No feedback/complaints from me. The only suggestion is to add Jamaica to the list of supported countries ASAP :)

    Any idea when that will happen?


  39. 1

    I would love to see Stripe making its official presence in India. Here, founders face lot much trouble to launch and integrate payment gateways to run SAAS businesses.

    Thanks in advance

  40. 1

    Hey Patrick,

    I have just released a beta of my SaaS product (picpipe.io) and make iterations with my first customers. I would love to use Stripe without incorporating at the beginning. Is it possible? Also Stripe is not available in Israel, which making the integration harder.

  41. 1

    Hi Patrick, I am in Canada.

    I will have an area on my site for downloads of digital audio at some point in the future. I am wondering if Stripe would work for people to pay for these downloads. Also wondering why I don't see Stripe being used so much here in Canada. Most seem to be using paypal.


  42. 1

    @Patrick. Thank you for Stripe ;_)

    Any idea when express will be expanding to accept customers outside of the US?

    Timeline? 3-Months? 6-Months?


    1. 1

      How do you mean? You can already accept customers outside the US! (And we support businesses in about 25 countries: stripe.com/global.)

      1. 1

        Thanks for getting back to me. I was referring to this paragraph from your express documentation.
        "Express accounts availability While platforms located anywhere Stripe is available can use Express, the Express account itself can only be created for individuals, businesses, and non-profits based in the United States."

        The way I read it was that I can only work with people inside the US.

        Me (as the connect platform owner using express). Can I get someone else in the UK or Australia for example to use my platform and have them set up an express account on my platform, where they can then begin charging their customers.

        I wonder if i'm the only one confused by the way it's worded. Maybe you can just help clear that up for me :) Thanks!

  43. 1

    Hey Patrick,

    I actually just had a question about Stripe so this is an awesome coincidence. I'm building a service that I want to charge small amounts per month for ($2-5/month). Do you guys have a story for that? The $0.30 part of the charge per transaction is killing here.

    1. 4

      Charging a few bucks a months will soon prove to be very costly to you. Scammers will use this service to test stolen cards, and eventually all your charges will get refunded, costing you 10x for every transaction. That's why a lot of Sass companies go for annual subs, or at least high-enough monthly or one-time that bad actors don't end up costing them an entire business.

      Stripe got a service now (Radar) that monitors/predicts the likelihood of a bad transaction, but you'd have to ask them how effective it would be for a $2 transaction.

      Good luck.

      p.s. Don't charge $2, charge $250 and make money so you could keep building the thing you want to create.

  44. 1

    Hey Patrick - Thanks for doing this. Stripe is awesome and I just incorporated thru Atlas (which was painless). I just got your email inviting me to the Atlas Forum. Not sure if @csallen would be up for it, but it'd be awesome if you used Indiehackers for that forum instead of Discourse. I like the unique design and feel of Indiehackers.

    One minor issue on the Atlas sign up... I already had a Stripe account under my businesses name (www.seekwell.io). It'd be good to ask during the Atlas flow if you already have a Stripe account you'd like to link to your Atlas account.

    1. 1

      Courtland has certainly built some great software :-). We may look at some more integration in the future.

      And that's a very good point re linking the accounts; thank you.

  45. 1

    Hi Patrick,
    I've been using Stripe since a few years and I love it, especially because of the integration.

    However, I'd be awesome if Stripe had more control over the types of businesses you're allowed work with. I own a dating website and I unfortunately can't work with Stripe anymore due to your financial partners rules.

    1. 1

      Hm! I'd like to look into this a bit more. Could you email me with some details? [email protected].

      1. 1

        I've sent you an email. Thank you!

  46. 1

    Why no love for mac apps? Something like this (https://stripe.com/docs/mobile/ios) for macOS would be a boon for non-MAS apps.

    Thank you

    1. 3

      Why would you prefer a Mac app? (Vs the web dashboard.)

      1. 1

        Sorry, I meant an SDK for mac apps. You know, with a ready made UI toolkit, like you have for iOS apps.

  47. 1

    Hey Patrick,

    Firstly, I want to thank you for enabling me to grow my businesses with such ease.

    I actually built an integration for Stripe Sources for WooCommerce a year before the official plugin released it (www.WooStripe.com). I tried to get some help from Stripe to get exposure for the plugin but found it very difficult to get any reply. I believe Stripe missed out on potentially thousands of new leads by waiting so long to add support for Sources in what is the largest e-commerce CMS on the internet by a long way. I would definitely recommend you make it easier for people to list integrations.

    I was disappointed to see that Stripe announced that they will be ending Bitcoin support yesterday. I believe it's a backwards decision and suggests that Stripe haven't done their homework about Bitcoin at all. Stripe could have a HUGE first mover advantage by accepting payments with Lightning Network. I honestly believe you're making a multi-million/billion dollar mistake here. Someone else will develop this if you don't. You mentioned that Stripe would be adding Ethereum / LiteCoin / Stellar payments in future. What is the difference here? Those currencies are equally volatile and transaction fees will be far more expensive than Bitcoin on Lightning.

    I'd love to chat to you for 5 mins and throw a few ideas at you, if you have the time and are willing.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work.


    1. 2

      I'm sorry to hear that regarding WooCommerce. Thank you for the blunt feedback.

      On crypto, Lightning isn't ready for production yet. We're open to adding it if it works!

  48. 1

    Hey Patrick, I'm getting ready to launch my product in about a month and if all goes well I'll be expanding my software to utilize stripe connect within the year.

    I'm happy that I can accept bitcoin, but I am annoyed that it is auto-converted to my local currency. I would really like an option to accept bitcoin and keep it as bitcoin.

    It took a while to understand how the tokens and charges were supposed to be done and what information was being passed around. Now that I get it it's less of an issue, but it wasn't fun at the time.

    1. 1

      We actually just announced that we're ending our Bitcoin support on our blog. (Sorry if this is a problem for you!) I'd be interested in hearing why you want to accept Bitcoin, actually.

      Can you expand a bit on what was confusing regarding tokens and charges?

      1. 1

        Bitcoin - The product is completely digital and has low marginal costs to add additional users. Additionally, the sales price is fairly low ($10 to $25). With that mind, it wouldn't matter if I didn't collect cash for some small percentage of the sales. Collecting bitcoin in those cases would mostly be speculative or just general interest. In my case, It isn't really attractive if it is transferred to cash automatically.

        As for the token exchange, I think the difficulties were more due to me being a novice developer at the time. This was ~5 years ago when I was researching it. I had not worked with much auth tokens or passing variables in this manner. Going back to stripe after getting much more solid dev experience has helped a ton.

  49. 1

    What’s up man, the startup im working on wanted to use atlas but when I told them it was 500$ and they balked a bit, to be fair that’s just the price I have in my head, but if not maybe you could introduced tiered pricing based on which services you need exactly, also we love the ui and Ux on the website and would be indebted if you could point us towards a material ui kit or something that matches the look and feel of it. Thanks a million for your attention man you’re crushing it, from a fellow paddy chancing his arm in the big leagues.

    1. 1

      If $500 is too much, you shouldn't start a company! There are lots of other expenses (like lawyers and accountants) that'll cost much more...

      1. 1

        Alright fair enough, I’ll pass it along.

  50. 1

    I love Stripe, and I've been waiting for it in India. Glad to see the beta test drive, requesting you to give more invites for Indian Startups.
    A followup blog posts are welcome for the things going in India launch.

  51. 1

    Hey Patrick,
    Stripe is a fantastic company, your product is great and the support is top notch! We've been using stripe for about 2 years now.
    The main feedback from us is we'd like more countries to be supported by Stripe. We build no-code products (templates, plugins etc) where we pre-configure Stripe for accepting payments (including the split transactions) We sell these templates (as well as the no-code web development services) worldwide and often our clients have to find local substitutes to stripe for accepting payments.
    Take a look at https://zeroqode.com and https://bubblewits.com
    We are #1 no-code product creator and developer.

    1. 1

      For sure. That's the only reason for us using another payment solution for some cases - the fact that a lot of countries are not supported.

      We appreciate the Stripe Atlas program, but for some businesses the entry price and maintenance efforts are too high, so it would be great if there would be another, more accessible solution for that.


  52. 1

    Hi Patrick,

    First of all, great service. with excellent documentation!

    • Whats the most annoying today?
      The speed of the api endpoints could be faster. sometimes it's a bit slow (geo location, the Netherlands).
    • What are the things you'd most like to see Stripe help with / solve?
      Making it possible to accept SEPA automatic payments a lot faster, but I assume that has to do with regulations?
    • Did anything make it hard for you to start using Stripe in the first place?
      No, great documentation and interface. One small thing, i couldn't find when a customer is billed when he signs up for a monthly subscription on for example 31 januari, and some months have fewer days. But the excellent support helped me with that really fast :)
    1. 2

      "If a monthly subscription is scheduled for a date that does not occur in a month (such as the 31st), the customer is charged on the last day of the month instead."


      Hope that helps :)

  53. 1

    For me the biggest issue is that Stripe is not available in my country(it's not included in the Atlas program).

    I would really love to use it, and I'm even considering giving some % of stripe sales to someone in the US just for creating an account for me. Opening a US company and dealing with buerocracy and taxes is just too much of a hassle for me right now.

    By the way, I'm sure I'm not alone in this, so this could probably be a profitable service idea - creating and offering verified Stripe accounts that don't require people to deal with any of the buerocracy, that have taxes and everything else already taken care of.

    It would be really awesome if stripe was easier and more accessible to use for citizens in other countries.

    1. 1

      Thanks! What country are you in?

  54. 1

    Hi Patrick,

    Long time lover of Stripe.

    We love the care you take in building out the products and the documentation that you provide for developers.

    We are in the process of implementing Stripe into our current project https://campaignkit.co

    As we have a developer to handle the payments implementation so it makes it easy for us to focus on the testing side.

    We also use bare metrics for dunning and more robust reporting.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. 1

      Thanks very much for the kind words! Glad it's working well for you.

  55. 1

    First of all: Stripe is awesome!

    Using it on all of my sites. Especially bigger projects like https://getaawp.com benefit from its availability and easy to use handling.

    The only thing I'm struggling with: Sometimes I receive duplicate payments. Here it would be great if Stripe has a built-in detection for duplicate short-time payments for auto-solving the issue respectively informing the API caller that there might already be a related payment.

    1. 1

      Interesting! Good idea.

      1. 1

        Do you know why your customers pay multiple times? (Has a bearing on how we’d solve it...)

        1. 1

          Well I assume it might occur when the checkout hangs up or maybe something got blocked on client side.

          In every case I can see that the payments will be created within a time span of several minutes. Maybe it would be possible to implement a kind of detection which looks up if there were payments with same basic data (address data/email/amount etc.) in time span X and return the previous payment (id) instead of creating a new one.

          1. 1

            Have you looked at our idempotency keys? (Would include link but on phone...)

  56. 1

    Could we set the fraud detection sensitivity? I get a lot of blocked payments, and a fraction of them are definitely legitimate (ie. they contact me and pay via other means)

    1. 2

      Email [email protected] :-). We’ve been thinking about exactly this...

  57. 1

    Love stripe. I just started messing with payments and I initially tried pp API and blew more time than I thought worth it. Started with stripe brand new took me a quarter of the time to be up running and ready.

    1. 1

      Thanks! Why did you first try integrating with PayPal, out of curiosity?

      1. 1

        Just that's who I use all the time for apple ish and a ton of other things. So I went that route not even thinking of other options. Once I got frustrated y'all are who I went to first.

      2. 1

        Maybe because Stripe is not able to accept PayPal payments? :-)

        My sites receive about 80% PayPal payments. I don't like their API, interface etc. and would love to accept PP payments with Stripe as well, if it's possible at all.

        1. 1

          quick follow up here, Jamie, if you're free! please let me know. [email protected]

        2. 1

          Hi there! I work for the partnerships team at Stripe, and we'd love to better understand your feedback here. It would be great to set up a quick call to chat, if you're up for it. Please email me at [email protected], and we can coordinate. Thanks!

  58. 1


    I've used Stripe for many clients in my agency to integrate in both bespoke applications and off-the-shelf e-com where integrations are done.

    I also use stripe for two of my businesses:

    My main annoyance is relating mostly to Tidy Beards, in that there is no official card reader for mobile. I hate the thought of having to get square to do what I'd rather to just inside stripe. So far I haven't done it, and still need to either make a product in my site for someone to purchase, or just take cash and worry about making change.

    That may answer both 1 and 2 :)

    Onboarding with stripe was cake!

    1. 2

      Thanks! We're currently thinking about how best to support card readers. I'll flag this for the right folks on our end.

    2. 1

      Hi Adam -- as Patrick mentioned, we're definitely thinking about the best way to support physical readers. Would you mind dropping me an email ([email protected])? I'd love to set up time to chat and learn more about your needs!

  59. 1

    Hey Patrick,

    Pretty big news from you guys regarding the dropping of Bitcoin as an accepted form of payment.

    I know you mentioned a few potential replacements (OMG, ETH, etc.) but do you anticipate implementing sooner rather than later?

    P.S. Love Stripe. One of my favorite companies. You guys are an inspiration for how to run a company. Grats on the recent valuation.

    1. 2

      Thanks! Nothing imminent — we’ll be watching to see if anything starts to get traction for payments. Right now it’s a bit of a mess; speculation has really distorted the space. (OMG, while a cool proposal, is still quite some time away from being operational.)

  60. 1

    Hello Patrick. Everything's great with Stripe, perhaps what I most enjoy it's the API documentation and examples, and how it integrates with our own data (talk about dynamic docs)!

    One thing that i've been strugling with is the ability to change price from subscriptions. Right now the only possible way for me to change price is by deleting the subscription, and making it again, which right now I can't since I have customers already on specific plans.

    Other than that Stripe is phenomenal! Cheers.

    1. 3

      Working on it! Email [email protected] for early access...

      1. 1


  61. 0

    Crypto Support.
    BTC is fucked.
    Lumens is the one !

    1. 1

      and yeah, thanks for a great service

  62. 10

    This comment was deleted 3 years ago.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted 3 years ago.

      1. 3

        This comment was deleted 3 years ago.

        1. 2

          I'm Carlos, the founder of Quaderno 😉 Let me know if you have any questions about VAT or any other digital tax around the world. Happy to help!

  63. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

  64. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 years ago.

    1. 1

      Don't have an ETA, sadly, but it is on the roadmap!

  65. -4

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  66. 2

    This comment was deleted 3 years ago.

    1. 2

      Yes, these stories pain us. Working on expanding our geographic support as quickly as we can.