September 14, 2018

SupportGuru or HelpMore or HelpContent?

I am having a hard time on what name to go with for the knowledge base software I am working on.

I like Helpcontent but not sure it speaks very well what the product does.

The product is a simple simple hosted knowledge base software that helps companies make better help documentation.

  1. 1 might be an idea. Just use the contact form on the website if you are interested.

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    I like something with hub in it.

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    Anything with a guru in it makes me think twice. Help content - not really compelling.

    Help more seems like a charity.

    You can as well go with a name that isn’t obvious like or Intercom.

    Those are help desk software but you wouldn’t know right off the bat.

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    Personally, I think all the names presented in the title are lazy and seem a bit unprofessional. Sorry to be blunt about it but the name you use is literally is the first impression you give.

    Having said that, I know exactly where you are coming from with this. Naming a project can be really difficult and frustrating.

    I have ideated so many side projects now that I often resort to the same script for creating a name for the project. It's a personal approach and maybe it doesn't resonate with everyone but I love using an idiom in some way that is relevant to the subject of the project.

    In your case, using an idiom regarding knowledge would be a great start.

    Off the top of my head I can already think of a few idioms that are applicable:

    "know something inside out"

    "Can't make heads or tails of it"

    These idioms could be turned in to business names such as;

    "InsideOutFAQ" (or replace FAQ with something else)

    "Headsandtails" (Add another word after if needed)

    These might be bad examples but I hope you get the thought behind them. I hope it helps!

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    Hey @DaveMichael,

    there is coincidentally similar topic with some good tips.

    Personally I use (not affiliated) in combination with of targeted keywords help+content // doc+hub etc. then just a quick lookup on domain hosters for availability. Btw in my quick search yielded available for > $2k, however the .co and .io are going for registration fee.

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    Personally, I feel that "guru" has been done to death.

    How about something like Knowledge Box or Knowledge Locker?

    Knowledge Box sort of reminds me of my toy box when I was a child .. it was just the natural place to go.

    Still on the Knowledge trail. Knowledge Keep might work on two levels: the subconscious one of "this is where the knowledge is held" and the conscious association with castle keeps - which might be a memorable way of branding the product as well.

    Edit: Actually, Knowledge Trail (as in audit / document trail) might also work.