December 5, 2018

Taking On an Entrenched Dating Monopoly with Passion and A/B Testing

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    Can you talk a bit more on customer acquisition and how you guys go about marketing and getting exposure?

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    Thanks for sharing your story. I have something to point out though: The app seems to be only available on Apple App Store, and only to users from the U.S. Was this intended? may be opening up on Android and the rest of the world can make it grow even more.

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    Thank you Sierra for sharing your story. It was very insightful. Wishing you success.

    A quick question. You said that when using Sweet Pea, you wanted people to feel that it was their third date when they meet in person. But truth be told, all our online personas vary significantly compared to our real self. For example, we could be extroverted online but a deep rooted introvert when speaking with people face to face. How are you handling this kind of a problem in your user experience?

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    I think one of the unfortunate aspects of dating apps is that in regards to dating people say one thing but act another way. Not particularly an issue of gender but more just how humans are as a species.

    Online dating has always been tough and never really had a good outcome. In theory it should work well but just doesn't ...

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    Thank you Sierra. I truly appreciate your startup insights.

    I am founder and lead developer of Muezbiz unites musicians and music fans for mutual profit. An online community where fans can engage with other fans, teachers, manufacturers in regional conversations. Muezbiz is the Uber of digital content distribution. Well ... that's how I like to portray it.

    I'm an older guy who built a dream in the middle of New Mexico where cottage industry rules. Your interview reflected real world SaaS startup knowledge is a rarity in my neighborhood.

    Muezbiz is a monolith MVP site.

    What truly caught my eye was your experience with reaching into the college market and Sony. This guy hasn't figured out that entrance yet.

    In a sense Muezbiz is similar to Sweet Pea. Stuff instead of people with many of the same challenges.

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    I'm always interested in new ideas in the dating space.

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    Great overview on your patience and progress....I am rooting for you!

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    Glad that deeper connection is coming to the dating space. Wanted to point out that the wingmate screenshot on the site has a typo: "on wingmate" instead of "one wingmate".