June 12, 2018

Thanks to IH community the Mailist.app is growing! Thank you :)

Hey everyone,

Some time ago I've launched https://mailist.app and wrote an article about it here:

https://www.indiehackers.com/@marcinem/i-needed-a-tool-for-myself-so-ive-learnt-to-code-cc037eba66 .

Thanks to massive feedback and positive reactions I've managed to develop the product further and – what's most important – find a developer, co-founder who is now helping me to improve the web app.

Right now–after 3 weeks–we have almost ~450 users and over 1000 links have been saved in Mailist so far. Every week we are sending around 200 newsletters to users with their personalized reminders. And still growing with the average of 15 users a day.

Today we have launched new, improved versions of our Chrome and Firefox extensions – now adding links is faster and the experience is much smoother. 😍

I'm sharing that all with you guys here because you are the reason why this product is getting bigger and bigger and didn't die in it's beginning. Still a lot of work to do by me in order to make it really significant project, but I'm proud already. Stay tuned for more updates and definitely try the Mailist out :)

BIG THANKS IH Community! 👏

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    This is a great resource for newsletters curators!

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      yes it is :) thanks for the comment!

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    I found this guys yesterday in Betalist, might be useful for your up:


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      Even though we are already using Nokogiri Rails gem to scrap websites (to get page title from the url), this one looks really interesting. I'm saving it in my Mailist – Thanks Domingo!

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    Great concept. Looking forward to using it.

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      Thanks, let me know about your usage experience :)

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    Aren't you going to monetise it?

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      At some point yes, but im not going to limit free usage anyhow. Im rather thinking about expanding feature range to target specific customers which will convert Mailist into something more than personalized newsletter.

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      Im advertising my personal success which could not have happened if not Indie Hackers. Sorry if you feel its automated advertising :(