June 13, 2018

That face when...

Your code base grows 15% month on month but your MRR doesn't :( #FounderProblems

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    It's really easy to fall into the trap of adding "one more feature and then I stop". Been there, done that too many times.

    I now almost solely focus on marketing efforts. Keeping the 80% marketing, 20% product rule (which I wrote about a bit). The only changes I make now are related to the current features: bugfixing and UI/UX fixes—which become apparent with more customers, and extending the test suite.

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      This is what I want to switch to doing! I like how you say you think about learning marketing as a challenge, something to be conquered. That's how I'm framing it in my mind too.

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        Helps a lot if you are "a maker" by nature—I've found (and heard from others).

        Be sure to share your knowledge (always happy to help—if not too busy marketing ;))

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    James do you have a landing page for your project set up?

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    I would consider the number of features more than the size of the code base.

    It means the features you develop may not match what your users are expecting, meaning you write code and grow your code base but provide little or no value to your users. And that's not a good trend, to say the least.

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    Maybe a bit of an open door, but I always try to weigh those investments in product development vs marketing/sales. Is your current investment in product development necessary to grow or for satisfy current clients? Or could you spend more time on marketing and sales?

    If it's the latter, you are probably better of with the uncomfortable decision to stop coding and start selling.

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      yeah, getting more and more uncomfortable by the week with the amount of investment in product development. Always just a little bit more to do until the MVP is finished. After that I'm not going to code anymore until we talk to a lot of people. Well... I say that now but at least that's my intention. Right now I just want to finish this thing so I can ship something. Even that will be a significant milestone for me to ship a fully operational SaaS style product, so I don't mind learning this lesson the hard way. Whether anyone uses it or not is a different story...

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        Is the MVP already as simple as you can do it? Can’t you remove a feature to get it out of the door faster?

        Know the feeling man, you can do it!

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          At this point it's totally Sunk Cost Fallacy kicking in. Though I'm pretty adamant on not letting it continue to kick in after the MVP is done. The 'Next Feature Fallacy' is a dangerous rabbit hole I don't want to go down. Targeting the end of next week though to finish it up, so after months the end is finally in sight. Well the end of the beginning that is.

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            Great to hear!