September 12, 2017

The big day is here - we’ve just launched our first product on Product Hunt

Hey, it's me.. the guy from "Our First Product Launch – Follow Our Journey".

Today we went live on Product Hunt, so would love for you to show us some love.

I’ll give it some time and will return to write part 2, featuring results.


Awesome responses so far, thank you everybody for commenting! I'm publishing part 2 with results on Monday.

It's published! -

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    Congrats, that is a really cool product!

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      Thank you!

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        how is it going with the PH launch post?

        1. 2

          Pretty good! Nice amount of sign ups and most of all, tons of quality feedback. Going through stats, letting things settle down and will write next part of article with details and results, so look out for that.

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    Very cool, congrats Leandro! Who did you use to make your video?

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      Thanks! Marcel (co-founder, CTO) scripted and made the video. We used reddhorrocks on fiverr for the voice over.

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    Congratulations!!! I love that you've been documenting your journey and wish I had been better about documenting mine. I'm sure I'll have more questions after I read your posts in full.

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      Thank you! It's slightly scary putting it out there, but in the end I think it's worth it.

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    Such a great idea. Can't wait to try it out.

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    Nice - I've wanted this for some time. I noticed that it only supports certain apps. Is this due to API limitations? I.e. will you only be able to support those apps that allow this information to be fetched?

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      Thanks! Yes, there is only so much that is exposed via API. We get what we can, for the rest it's manual selection.

      We are busy working on adding apps as we speak, so check back in with us!

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    Congrats, looks great. UI feels polished. I have a woefully out of date spreadsheet at home with all my subs :/

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      Thanks Stevie, any apps in particular you'd like to see?

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        I'd actually find it helpful to get all my consumption based apps - netflix, now tv, spotify, prime etc. Otherwise strava, webflow, atomic, framer.

        1. 2

          Great input. You know, we've not focused on consumer apps such as netflix and now tv, but we've had an overwhelming response to include them.

          Check back with us next week!

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          Hey Stevie, we now include these type of apps. Feel free to check us out:

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            Cool, will do! If your looking for a way to collect feedback, check us out too :)

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              Bookmarked and will check it out. Worrying marmite results on your landing page ;)

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    I love simple ideas like this that solve real/subtle problems, congrats!

    I've enjoyed reading your medium posts and would love to read a post-launch update.

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      Thank you for saying that! Just letting things settle down, then will write the article.

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    Congratulations! upvoted on PH, and good luck!

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      Thanks for your support!

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    Cool product! Curious how you integrate into other apps to get the user types and how you add users to apps from your service? Slick!

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      Thanks! We connect to other apps via API. User authenticates securely with their login. Within those APIs things are exposed (depending on app of course), such as amount of users or anything else that helps us calculate cost. The same goes for adding users within UNUBO. If the apps API allows us to do it, then we enable it.

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        Cool, are there any issues with user roles & permissions i.e. Only admins can add new users on some services?

        I notice they didn't link it on Product Hunt, but I'd say a related product to yours is Cardlife (, did you come across them? How would you differentiate (apart from on cost!)

        How do you deal with users who don't already have an organised list of all their subscriptions? Will you provide any way to automatically pull in a list of subscriptions and costs?

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          Yes, only admins will be able to do that. We're working on guides to describe this in some detail.

          We're currently working on building out the user management part some more, which will be part of the business package - coming soon.

          Yes I am aware of Cardlife. It's a great product, just different in their approach. What they do is pull in information from credit cards and bank accounts, so you can discover which subscriptions you are paying for.

          What they don't offer is user management, neither do they connect to apps via API. That's the difference between our two products. Via APIs, there's a lot of cool stuff we can do.

          There's a few ways to pull in a list of subscriptions, one example is Cardlife of course. We're thinking of a way to do this, that doesn't ruin the look and feel of our offering.

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    Congrats on the launch @leandro! I love the design of the dashboard. This seems like a useful tool and I can see a lot of people needing this to manage all of these subscription services. I also like that you added some upcoming features to the landing page.

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      Thanks Tyler!

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    Great hunter! ;)

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    just ride the flood the visitors and customers


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      Thanks and will do!

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    That's great Leandro! 🙌 Congratulations, and good luck with onboarding as many users as possible.

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      Thank you Channing!