November 7, 2018

The hardest part of starting a side project (for me anyways!)

Hey all,

TL:DR: Find the perfect domain name extension for your side project when the dot com is taken.

Check it out at

I got so sick of always trying to find a dot com domain for my projects and never having it be available. Constantly reiterating on the wording to try to fit the name to the domain extension. It's an infuriating problem that I'm sure a lot of people here may be familiar with.

However, there are actually close to 3000 other domain name extensions available. (Did you know that? I didn't) but there is a challenge there too that it's hard to know if there is an extension that is a perfect match for your side project.

That's why I build Extensions Menu.

Add some keywords to the tool (separated by commas) and it will provide you with all the domain name extensions that could potentially match with your project.

And yes, I used the tool itself to name the tool!

I just got the site working to a degree where I'm only half embarrassed to show it publicly. There are still some things to add, obviously the price of the domain being one of them. (Which I hope to be able to link to some kind of affiliate network to monetize the project).

Any feedback is appreciated!

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    What's the difference between this and just searching for a domain name on Namecheap?

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      As far as I know, there is no other website that does what this does. This is recommending domain name extensions based off a keyword.

      An example is you use "technology" as your keyword. The suggested extensions would be:













      These are all valid domain extensions which you can buy. So you could get

      Does this explain it better?

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        So essentially it only works for keyword-specific domain names? I tried putting in two different phrases and no extensions were recommended but I guess that makes sense.

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          I'm not sure I understand your question?

          The tool takes your keywords that you use and expands them to up to 100 synonyms. Then it checks those hundreds of words agains the database of almost 300 extensions for a match.

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        This is pretty clear for me and quite interesting.

        But what is your business model ? Will it be free forever ? Do you plan to be bought by a hosting company ?

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          Hi Frederick,

          I will monetise through affiliate links to domain registrars to register the domains as well as provide a subscription service for anyone to get the pricing data which changes every 6 hours.

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            fine ! I'm not buying as much domain to be interested in this kind of product but I'm pretty sure some companies could be interested in it :)

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    Pretty cool, thank you!

    Side question, I get worried that using a not-popular extension will hurt the recognition of the domain name. Is that a concern?

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      I have absolutely no idea. It's mostly all hearsay when it comes to things like this. Some will say it hurts SEO others will say it won't.

      I think there is so much involved in SEO that there shouldn't be too much importance placed on a single aspect of it such as a domain name.

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        Thank you for your thoughts.

        Aside from the SEO, I am curious what percentage of typical users could recognize some new extensions as proper URLs.