August 10, 2018

The Path from Minimum Viable Product to $50M a Year with Des Traynor of Intercom

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    dude, nice! Awesome guests + interviews lately. Keep it up Courtland 😉

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    Listening to Des has always been quite an immersive activity. His learnings and message has been consistent and clear and thanks to you Courtland, you really had very good topics covered in the interview.

    Building a B2B SaaS startup from India has been a long arduous journey, I must say. This interview has been a great help.

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      Thanks Sushaeel!

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    This was one of my favorite podcast—he was great. Thanks @csallen You ask such good questions. Great interview!

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    reference to the original hackernews article please..

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    I really liked this podcast. There is a lot to learn from Des. Really inspiring. I learnt that they literally built their customer base one by one.

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    Really awesome podcast! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    Interesting podcast, enjoyed listening to this.

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    Loved this podcast episode!

    "When you plant those seeds, you're maximizing your opportunity."

    Thanks a LOT.

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    Great tactical tips here, including on fundraising and grit. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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    really inspiring Des Traynor, thanks for sharing

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    Awesome podcast. One of my favourites right now

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    One of the best episodes on the IH podcast! Thanks for the great interview @destraynor and @csallen.

    I'm a big fan of Intercom and see it as our role model. It's the epitome of state-of-the-art SaaS that truly makes online businesses personal.

    There's so much to learn from Intercom's journey. Thanks again for sharing.

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    The reference to the infamous DHH "step one, step two, step three" YouTube video, any chance you have a link to that please?

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      Yes, I too would like to watch that! Did you manage to find it?

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    Hmm... he takes multiple swipes at low pricing and is down on B2C companies. Then he even uses rewriting in Erlang as an example of really bad thing to do...

    Could this be a case of Whatsapp envy? 🤣

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      I will take swipes at low pricing in a B2B space because I think it's generally a bad idea. It's rarely the result of economic or elastic analysis, and more that people don't know how to charge.

      I'm not down on B2C companies, I didn't say anything negative about them I don't think?

      Lastly I had no idea WhatsApp used Erlang (or even what the implications of that would mean).

      And I'm a WhatsApp fan :-)

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        Haha, it was good natured ribbing. I make screencasts for Elixir, which runs on the Erlang virtual machine. I discovered its power while working on a free video chat app targeted at SE Asian users.

        Erlang has some very desirable properties when it comes to concurrency and stability that made it a perfect fit for Whatsapp and enabled them to scale so far with so few resources. FB chat used to use it too, before they had the resources to rewrite their core infrastructure in C++.