February 2, 2019

The Startup Delusion and How It Put Me In Hospital

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    This post is heart taking. Thank you for putting these words onto your situation at that time. And congratulations on your life style pivoting.

    I'm moving of cities often in Europe these months, but you'll have a place to stay on my couch anywhere I'll be. I would be more than happy to share some discussion with you around these subjects of life style / happiness for entrepreneurs.

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      Thank you 🙏🏻

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    Damn dude. Glad you are okay.

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      Thanks Alex :-)

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    This article made me re-ponder about what is really important in life.

    Thanks and good luck!

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    "while the new team were working on all the fun stuff (like the product) that I used to love. "

    I just made the same transition :)

    Was the co-founder for a funded startup and did not have much time to build (hands on). Decided to follow the bootstrapped solopreneur path and working through validating and building my idea backlog.

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      I think role-transition is definitely something that a lot of tech/product people don't think about when raising money. For those who love to build, stepping into a CEO role in a VC-backed startup and can a massive shift.

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    Harsh reality check! I'm a big fan, Kyle. Gravity was a real game changer for me. Thanks for posting this candid story!

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      Thanks, Dave! Glad you're enjoying Gravity :-)