January 10, 2019

There's nothing like waking up in the morning and your side project is buying your lunch!

Gotta love it. Stripe screenshot attached.

So encouraging to know someone is willing to pay for your stuff!

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    Congratulations man!! I like the site too. It’s clean and well made. Hopefully one of many more moneys to come.

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      Although the Drift popup needs to be close-able haha. I hate those popups so much. I understand the necessity and marketing value they provide, but they detract so much from my focus, and a bug that makes them permanently visible is very distracting :)

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        It's permanently visible?? Shit

        I hate them too but I've actually had some good conversations with it... It's a constant inner battle.

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          When I tried this morning, the X didn't work, but it does now. Not sure if you fixed it or it was a temp issue in my browser :)

          But yeah, I wouldn't worry about that internal battle. If I had traffic coming to my site, I'd be happy to have a popup that makes it easier for visitors to connect!

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      Cheers! I'm acutely aware that the homepage needs a LOT of work though, anyone wants to leave me thoughts on how it could be improved, please let me know :)

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    Tastes good, eh?

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      :D sure does!

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    Nice! Congratulations!

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      Cheers! 😊 😊

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    Oh yeah, I know that feeling!

    frontloops.io was some sort of success when just launched and made 2nd place on PH (and 3rd for the Frontloops.Elements), but when it all settles down - you're usually left with some random customers enrolling here and there. So it's a real pleasure to wake up and see people using your product (especially since a large part of my audience comes from US and they mostly subscribe while I'm sleeping).

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      This is an interesting project. Would you be interested in chatting about how we could potentially work together?

      One of the barriers for my users is not having projects there to fill out a portfolio. If your product helped them along that path, it could be a very symbiotic relationship where people want a solid portfolio, go build real world solutions with your app, and come back to create their portfolio with mydevportfol.io...

      Whaddaya think?

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        Sounds exciting, you can ping me on blv.dmitry@gmail.com or twitter https://twitter.com/blv_dmitry

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          Will have a think and pop you a message tomorrow 👍🏼👍🏼

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    Congrats mate :) next step is 100 €!

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      Next week maybe?? 😂 🤞🏻

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    One of many more to come! Congrats! Great stuff :)

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      Thanks! 😊

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    Congrats! Nothin' like! Can't wait my next project gets its first sale! Will celebrate with a bottle of champagne!

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      Every project I build now will have a way for user to pay for it. It's crazy how many people actually look for a way to give you money, especially since (in my opinion) my app is still a ways off being particularly good

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    Yeah! So cool! Good stuff my friend.

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      Thanks friend :)

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    Congratz mate ^^

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    Very soon it'll be drinks at happy hour and dinner! Congrats!

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      haha here's hoping that trendline keeps ticking up!

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    congrats :-) keep moving up

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      keep pluggin away and hope it works :)

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    Well done!

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    Congrats ! that's the best feeling, reminds me when my first SEO product started selling many years ago and I was traveling and living off of the income :) amazing.

    Other than that, I just checked your landing page. And I was gonna reply on the drift chatbox but I'm replying here instead.

    • I think it's not clear from the landing page if I can customize the portfolio after it's generated to include projects that are not in github ..

    • I also think you should charge instead of asking for a donation, most product builders I see going down that way learn that not enough people donate, and it ends up killing the project. If I were you, given that it's a rather small tool, I'd just charge from the start. Demo site + paid version. Maybe a 30 day refund to make people feel comfortable buying