October 25, 2017

Thinking about entering the Product Hunt hackathon?

Product Hunt is launching their Global Hackathon on November 1st. Is anyone here thinking about entering?

If so, introduce yourself below!

  • Who you are?

  • What are your skills and interests?

  • Do you need a partner? (Consider replying to someone else who's looking to team up.)

  • What ideas are you considering?

  • Let us know if you'd like feedback on your ideas!

Also take a minute to reply to someone else and share your feedback :-D

We're planning on interviewing at least a few indie hackers who enter, so it'd be awesome to see you guys getting together to work on something.

Let's do this!

  1. 22

    I'm not looking for a teammate but wanted to just say how pumped we are to work on this hackathon with Indie Hackers and all of you. We have over 2k makers signed up already.

    This will be fun. 🎉

    1. 6

      This is perfect. It's the deadline I need to start and actually finish a hobby project 👌

      1. 3

        I felt the same! hahahah

    2. 5

      Keep it up, Ryan! Hope to see more stuff like this coming down the line :)

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    Lynne here! I've been working on Key Values, but have been focusing on growth for the last many weeks. Sounds like this could be a good opportunity to switch gears!

    In line w/ Key Value's goal to help engineers find value-aligned teams, my ideas are around supporting job-seekers in other aspects of their job hunt. If I can ride this hackathon wave 🏄🏻, I'll build something else to help devs find and/or land a job on their dream team. Still brainstorming though 😊

    1. 4

      Lynne! I still think you should build a tool to help engineers know what questions to ask during interviews based on their values. Seems like it could be really useful! Then again, I have zero experience doing interviews haha

      1. 4

        "zero experience doing interviews"

        looks at username

        looks at nice shiny stripe logo on the footer

        1. 1

          El. Oh. El. 😂

        2. 1

          I guess I meant being interviewed 😝

          1. 1

            Confession: I also have very limited experienced being interviewed. But it doesn't mean we don't know what to ask. 💪

      2. 2

        Yup, something along those lines!!! This ties into my desire to educate people about their options, and generally exposing people to the diversity of ways that companies/teams operate.

    2. 1

      Hi Lynne, just saw your post and love the problem you are solving. I also just started working on the same problem space, but from a slightly different angle. I'd love to chat a bit more - you can find my contact details in my profile if you're interested!

    3. 1

      omg Lynne! Let's talk 😊

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    Courtland here! I'm a full-stack developer and designer working solo. We're partnering with PH on this, so I doubt I'm eligible for any of the prizes, but I'm going to start working on product timelines for indie hackers in November, and submit that for my entry if I can finish in time!

    By the way, "revenue-generating products" is not one of their official categories, but I think this is as good a time as any to start one! The social impact category is pretty cool, too.

    1. 2

      Have you seen https://www.tractionbeat.com/? Was made by an IH user (obviously design inspired by IH). Could be some interesting inspiration for product timelines.

      1. 1

        How have I not seen this? Super cool!

    2. 1

      I'm not sure how I'd feel if you won this hackathon considering you're partnering w/ PH (😂), but it's a great idea to take advantage of the hackathon's deadline and momentum to ship something. I'd love to use product timelines!

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    I am a Sr Manager at Google and for fun, I am building a physical feedback hardware solution for hotels, hospitals, restaurants etc. Imagine 3 dashbuttons connected to WiFi tracking feedback(good, bad, ok) from the visitors.

    If you are a full-stack developer interested in joining the team, feel free to reach out to me. You will own only the software side of things while I can drive the product and microcontroller coding.

    1. 3


      I'm a full-stack developer and this sounds interesting! I've seen something like it in public bathrooms in the UK - https://www.happy-or-not.com/en/ .

      I couldn't see any contact info on your profile, so feel free to drop me a line at harry dot m dot nicholls at gmail dot com.



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    Stevie here 👋 I'm a product designer and currently working on https://getacquainted.co/ in my spare time.

    I don't code well enough to build anything but would love to partner with an engineer who needs a designer. I have an idea that will interest anyone who's into surfing...do let me know if you're up for collaborating.

    1. 2

      Big into surfing here and think I have an interesting application idea for getacquainted - shoot me an email Smundy302@gmail.com

    2. 2

      OK, any IOS devs want collaborate on a slightly silly idea for a dating app?

      Idea is that after both parties swipe right, the lady gets to initiate a video chat - no messaging allowed. Twist is, the fella has 30 seconds (tbc) to introduce himself where he can't see or hear the lady. After times up the lady can join the chat or dismiss the guy.

      Encourages proper comms from the jump but empowers the lady to make the decision whether to chat or not. Disclaimer This idea has had a total of 10 minutes thought and is probably terrible, ha

      1. 1

        Ha, this actually sounds pretty cool. I'm a full-stack software dev. Still looking to collab on this?

        1. 1

          Defo, how are your IOS skills? Ping me at selsworth.ian@gmail.com

    3. 2

      Hey Stevie, haven't surfed in a while but I think we should talk :) ohad@ohadron.com

      1. 2

        Hi, I'll ping you email after work :)

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    Hey all, I built Page.REST and Screen.rip, APIs that helps developers to capture content and screenshots from web pages.

    I have plans to release a couple of similar APIs in November. But I'm more excited about the possibilities of creating consumer products using these APIs (think chatbots, Alexa skills). I would love to partner with someone who would love to work on that front.

    Let me know if you like to use Page.REST or Screen.rip APIs for your own projects during the hackathon. Would love to offer my help for integrations as well.

    ICYMI, here's what I wrote about my learnings from building Page.REST https://www.indiehackers.com/@laktek/what-i-learned-building-page-rest-from-idea-to-paying-customers-in-7-days-26f2a554f4

    1. 3

      looking forward (:

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    I am James. I've been interviewed on here previously regarding my WooCommerce plugin business, Iconic.

    I am a frontend/backend WordPress developer. I also dabble with design, but it's something I prefer to delegate.

    As such, a good partner would be someone who likes to design, likes to market products, and likes to contribute ideas.

    I have a few WordPress ideas floating around, which I'm happy to discuss in more detail!

    Let me know if you want to partner up!

    1. 1

      Hello James! I have been designing my own custom WordPress themes for the past 4 months or so and have been wanting to get into plugin development.

      While my eventual goal is to make a web application, I have a few ideas (would also love to hear yours) for some plugins that could benefit the education market!

      If you see this, my e-mail is jerementor@gmail.com


    2. 1

      Hello again James! I'll keep an eye out for designers and marketers and try to send them your way.

      1. 2

        Thanks Channing!

        We should also catch up early next year for a follow up. This week I turned off all my plugins on the Envato marketplace and now sell exclusively through the Iconic website which was one of my goals. Looking forward to sharing the results.

        1. 1

          Very cool. Looking forward to it.

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    This sounds interesting. Would be interested in entering. I'm Bryan from Chicago. I'm a full-stack developer with a speciality/interest in machine learning and AI applications, but open to all ideas. I like the prospect of partnering with someone, so if anybody is interested, please let me know.

    1. 1

      hey Bryan, I'm interested. will reach out

      Edit: I can't, no info on your profile! how do people reach you?

      1. 1

        Oops, oversight on my part. Updated my profile with my email address. Sorry about that.

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    Hi! Jeppe here. I am a project manager working for Microsoft who wants to create something in the social impact category. I am completely open to work on any idea to work with a partner on. Would like to try to partner up with a complete stranger on this, so please reach out :)

    1. 1

      Hi Jeppe, are you a developer? I'm in the side of product ideation / marketing / business strategy / idea development. I'd like also to create something in that category. I have some ideas. Is there any way to contact you? You can write to my email too vhssorzano@gmail.com

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    Hi I'm Cory. Full stack dev/designer(?)/writer.

    Too bad, I just launched the Cape Town Drought at a local hackathon last week. Would have loved to make it way more awesome and compete in the social impact category!

    I'm still going to participate, likely solo. Currently thinking of doing something around chats and analytics and maybe going for the Stripe category...

    1. 2

      That reminds me of when I was in Cape Town in January… my Airbnb host was telling me about the drought and how you guys were almost out of water. I asked what plan B was if you run out, and he turned around to look at me and said, "There is no plan B." 😭

      1. 2

        Ha. There's still no plan B! The best we've come up with is towing an iceberg from Antarctica...

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    Hey all o/

    I'm a full-stack developer & freelancer. My main solo side project is Penmob. I'll still be working on it, of course, but for the hackathon I'm going to put together a micro-ish site that has a simpler goal: getting more people to write daily, and hopefully act as a lead magnet for my actual business.

    My idea for this site is a daily-updating writing prompt, which people can add their own mini-stories to. Then there's all of the ancillary whiz-bangs: voting, social sharing, email roundups, weekly/monthly winners, etc. etc.

    I may also submit some smaller microsites if I can get them done in a weekend. Still experimenting with one of those for generating leads, but I'd like to do some more experimentation.

    1. 3

      Sounds awesome Pete.

      By the way, I've been trying to send some of our article authors to Penmob before publishing. So far only mixed results — but I'll keep at it!

      Looking forward to the writing prompt site.

      1. 2

        Oh, awesome! I haven't heard anything from my end, so have them shoot a message alex@penmob.com if they have any questions :)

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    Hey, I'm Helen!

    I'm not a developer or a designer - argh! So what am I doing joining a hackathon? 🤔

    I'm definitely more on the product & marketing side! There are still lots of ways to build products & every time I launch something new, I learn so much! I'm a huge fan of tiny products - or at least launching quickly, so this challenge is perfect!

    I've talked to a lot of people who would love to build a product but think they need to find a technical co-founder before starting. Hopefully I can show that's not true and share what I learn.

    I'm really interested in picking an idea where I get to learn a new technology and find a concise project I can put together within the month!

    I'm considering the Augmented Reality category 😱 this will be my first iOS app and I'm excited to start brainstorming!

    Would love to hear from other app developers with advice and resources you would recommend!

    1. 1

      Hi Helen, I am exploring an AR idea and would love to chat/discuss it with you.

      ijinal at gmail dot com

    2. 1

      I like your OfficeHours cards! I think YC interviews start next week, so a lot of people could use those. What's been your approach to building apps and products as a product/marketing person? Have you mostly been partnering up, or hiring out, or finding ways to put things together yourself?

      One random AR idea: I read Moonwalking with Einstein earlier this year, and it was all about the people with he best memories in the world. They rely on a trick called a "memory palace" where they imagine something they want to remember existing physically in some real location. I think an AR app would be a cool way to help with practice that! Might take much longer than a month to build though.

      1. 1

        Thanks Courtland! I built OfficeHours quite a while ago but only decided to launch it when I saw YC applications were open again as I thought it was the right time. It has been going well so far!

        Although I did study CS at University I usually hire out for core parts of my projects. I recognise that there are way better coders and designers out there. It speeds up the process so much and that leaves me with the planning, product & marketing parts that I really enjoy.

  13. 4

    Who you are?

    Hello, Alex here. I am a software engineering graduate from Toronto, Canada. I graduated magna cum laude if that means anything to you. Basically, I just love using software to solve world problems. I am one of those dudes that hopes to be writing software (whatever writing means by that time) in ten, twenty years. Currently trying to make it as an indie dev.

    I am currently working on https://elderoost.com/ in my spare time. It is not officially launched or marketed anywhere.

    What are your skills and interests?

    For this hackathon, I am planning to use primarily Swift and Apple's ecosystem.

    Do you need a partner? (Consider replying to someone else who's looking to team up.)


    What ideas are you considering?

    I'm looking to enter in the Social Impact category. The goal is simple: learn Swift, create an app, publish to Apple Store, earn some $$$ for coffee.

    The goal is simple: start learning Swift November 1st, have a working copy in the Store by mid November (November 15th), earn some coffee money from mid November to end of November. The side goal, is to make this app and actually USE it every. single. day. Who knows, maybe someone will like it.

    I am following the rules, otherwise I'd be working on it already =P

    Best of luck to y'all (:



    1. 1

      What's the hackathon project you want to work on? Is it a mobile version of Elder Roost? Asking because it wasn't clear what you would work on, except learn and launch a Swift app. Thanks and good luck!

      1. 1

        Hey, @calebsylvest, thanks for reading! Sorry for being vague, no it is not a mobile version of Elderoost. Elderoost is responsive enough to be used on a mobile at this point in time.

        I was vague because I am trying to narrow down my idea. I have several but they aren't scoped well enough for the hackathon. I am using this time to narrow down the requirements.

        One thing I know for sure, I will be focusing on the Social Impact category.

        Probably along the lines of productivity, todo lists, personal improvement area, and a wellness tracker. Lately, I've been into personal improvement and time series data.

  14. 4

    Hi! I'm Jeremy. I'm a software engineer with pretty extensive web experience and some desktop/mobile experience.

    I'm planning on making a browser extension that allows users to take notes and highlight lines on any webpage - it's something that I would find useful, although I haven't done much validation on it yet.

    I would be interested in teaming up with someone with marketing experience to help me refine the idea and find monetization channels. Contact info is in my profile.

    1. 2

      I like your idea because I would like a way to stash interesting notes and highlights without copy/pasting into Notes or some other app.

      I had an idea similar to this a while back but never did anything with it, so I'll share here for free. My idea was like Pocket, where you can save an article to read later, but not to read later. Instead, you Mark as Read articles on the web. That way you can keep track of everything you've read without having to add it to Pocket and archive or save somewhere else. Kind of like how you can track movies and books with IMDB or Goodreads.

      Good luck with the challenge!

      1. 2

        Thanks! That's an interesting angle on the problem - definitely worth looking into.

    2. 1

      It would be worth taking a look at hypothes.is for comparative analysis.

      1. 1

        Oh wow! Thanks for pointing me in that direction, definitely good to see what's out there. Do you use hypothes.is?

        1. 1

          No problem. I've tried it out but I guess since I didn't keep using it, I either didn't need it or it was lacking somehow. I definitely am the kind of person who worries about losing data to small companies that might fold - I don't remember feeling like hypothes.is would help me download my notes and the context they belonged in, i.e. the website I was annotating. I think they focus on academic users who benefit from reading lots of articles and collecting notes for writing papers and making references.

    3. 1

      Hey Jeremy!, I'm in the side of product ideation / marketing / business strategy / idea development. I have an idea in your line using TextRank, would you be interested? You can write me back to vhssorzano@gmail.com

  15. 4

    Hey there!

    Ohad, from Tel Aviv - I have 5 years experience as a product manager in consumer apps, I can develop full-stack, and can also design a bit when a push comes to a shove. Currently bootstrapping some of my own projects.

    Looking to partner with anyone with complementary skills. I currently do not have an idea for a month-sized project, and I'm open to participate in any of the categories.

    Hit me up!

  16. 4

    Hi fellas,

    I am a full stack developer with 01 year experience, have built a couple of web apps for my own use on node, mongodb and react and webpack. Presently I am building an online quote builder for Door Manufacturers. Excited about this event but don't have an idea right now, If you have an idea and looking to pair up, let me know. Cheers!

  17. 4

    Hi everyone! I'm the founder of Beta Labs. We're looking for a marketer/designer who wants to get involved in our project in the Social Impact category.

    Last week I wrote this Medium post about TBH: https://hackernoon.com/what-most-dont-see-in-tbh-an-app-sold-for-100m-and-launched-only-9-weeks-ago-f15edd11505f?

    Our goal is to apply one of those insights to build an app designed for growth. We will document the whole process on weekly medium posts + product releases while we're building it.

    Let me know if you're interested!

    1. 2

      Sounds interesting. How do I get in touch with you?

  18. 4

    Hi, there I'm Elliott I'm looking for a teammate, I'm a marketer based out of the UK.

    I'd love to take part in this hackathon so if there's someone looking for a marketing partner drop me a message info at elliottdavidson dot com

    This hackathin looks awesome hats of to Courtland for making the IndieHackers community part of it.

    1. 2

      Hi Elliot. I tried emailing you but its been bounced back? Im a full stack developer node/vue js/PHP based in the UK with 10 years experience.

      1. 1

        That's odd not sure why that's happening.

        Dropped you an email.

  19. 4

    Heey, Cayo aka. yogodoshi here, I'm a full-stack developer but I really prefer to work mainly in the back-end (Ruby) + JS and not do html+css as my skills there are very rusty.

    Dont have any ideas related to those categories so I'm more interested in meeting awesome designers who like to build stuff but also have the so-difficult-to-have skill of fulfilling what they said they would or at least following up about it (I'm looking at you: makson, anthony and debs =p)

    I've built lots of sideprojects though, latest one: beholddy.com :)

    1. 2

      Hi , I have an idea I am working on posted below. Let me know if you want to work together.

  20. 4

    I'm an Android/iOS/React Native developer located in the NYC area. I am looking to join a team working on the Social Impact category. Feel free to reach out to me.

    1. 1

      Raise productivity app based on a timer. How does it sound? Want to have a chat? Thanks

      1. 1

        Sounds interesting. How do you plan on making it different than the other ones out there?

        1. 1

          There are apps who can act like timers, but there are no apps like my idea. Let me explain it a bit:

          There is Pomodoro technique where you usually work in batches of 25 minutes and a 5 minute break. It`s known that it is raises productivity a lot ( There are a lot of apps like this )

          Imagine that technique combined with a social network. Sharing what you work on or what you accomplished in one day with some very close friends or work colleagues.

          Let me know your thoughts

    2. 1

      any ideas ? NYC based also

      1. 1

        I haven't thought of any. Do you have any ideas? What are your skills?

        1. 1

          few different ideas - skills mainly general business, marketing, product dev. email me smundy302@gmail.com

  21. 4

    Definitely am.

    • I'm Evan

    • I'm a digital marketer, front-end tinkerer and a bad dev.

    • I recently found a partner but he has a tendency to go down rabbit-holes

    • Have a few ideas for tools to help freelancers.

    • I'd love feedback, how should I go about that?

    Thanks for IH and thanks for helping out with the hackathon. One of the hardest things to do for any of us makers is get any kind of exposure so I appreciate these sorts of things and those who help make them happen.



    1. 2

      Hey Evan,

      Could be worth connecting, if you're up for it? See my post below!



      1. 1

        Sure thing. is there a messaging thing on this thing? im on twitter @ER if that works

    2. 1

      Have a few ideas for tools to help freelancers. I'd love feedback, how should I go about that?

      It looks like you've already planted a seed with [@jamesckemp](https://www.indiehackers.com/user/jamesckemp)!

      In general though, I'd advise you to just be open and direct on this forum about what you're looking for. Your post checks both boxes, so mission accomplished.

      Also, keep an eye out for developers here who don't like dealing with marketing, and make an introduction if your product goals are similar.

      Good luck!

  22. 3

    I just signed up for the hackathon. I'll be traveling for a majority of Nov, so I'm not sure I'd make a good partner.

    But, I'm planning on building an automated email newsletter that's stupidly simple. Would love some feedback on the idea!

    1. 1

      Sounds intriguing! Who's it for? What things will it simplify? What's the main draw vs other email newsletter options? Btw did Channing take a look at your article?

      1. 1

        did Channing take a look at your article?

        He may have, but I never got a response over email. Not a big deal - I just went through with publishing it. If there's anything major, I can edit it. If not, feedback will be put towards future contributions :)

        Who's it for?

        Early stage companies/startups that want to maintain a presence with their hard earned subscriber base, but dread sitting down once a week to draft an email.

        What things will it simplify?

        It will simplify the actual drafting of emails. The idea being it tracks what blog posts you've written since the last newsletter went out and possibly adds in major code changes or commits tagged by a given keyword.

        It would be configurable. Maybe three sections

        1. New Blog Posts

        2. Feature Releases

        3. Trending Blog Posts / In Case You Missed It

        What's the main draw vs other email newsletter options?

        I want it to be stupidly simple. It requires about 2 seconds to set up

        • copy and paste blog URL

        • choose a day and time for each week

        • get back to work on other parts of your business

        1. 2

          I like that a lot! What parts of it would be configurable? If I were to use it for something, I'd want to be able to edit the content once it's in the newsletter, because sometimes the info pulled from the HTML for blog posts isn't great. I'd also want to configure which sections appear in the newsletter, and in what order. Finally, for something simple, design plays a huge role in making it enticing. Definitely encourage you to team up with a designer on this.

          Good luck!

          1. 1

            Spent Sunday watching Stranger Things and standing up a landing page.. thoughts?


            1. 1

              Wow, nice work! Here's my feedback on the design:

              • The sticky header bar is super tall, 103px. I'd make it 60px tall, tops, and vertically center its contents. I'd also massively reduce the opacity of its box shadow. Shadows look a lot better when they're subtle imo.

              • I'd cut down on the page's max width and never let anything get wider than about 1100 or 1200px.

              • I'm not a fan of the pastel green colors, and would go with a stronger bolder color.

              • Gray text on a colored background doesn't look great. You want the text to be grayish blue, or grayish purple, not pure gray. White looks good, too.

              • In the newsletter screenshot at the top, I suspect the newsletter would look better without the gray line between the stories.

              And, more importantly, here's my feedback on the copy:

              • Who is your main customer? You talk about blogs and code changes, so I assume you're talking to coders who blog. Are there a lot of those?

              • In my opinion, you'd be better off talking about benefits over features. "Update your readers in one click" instead of "Your Most Recent Blog Posts".

              • The screenshots of the example stories from a newsletter are super text-heavy and somewhat confusing. It takes a minute to realize they're newsletter snippets and not text that explains Simply Weekly. I'd opt instead to do what you dod up top and show an entire newsletter, not blocks of text.

              Looks good though, hope this feedback helps!

              1. 1

                Thanks for the feedback, Courtland!


                I agree about the green. I was starting to regret it when I was halfway through making the graphics haha. I'll change it to something stronger.

                I'll cut the nav bar down a bit and clean up the page content's margins.


                Thanks for the feedback - I'll take another stab at writing more compelling section titles. I'll also remove the descriptive text from the graphics and replace it with gray rectangle placeholders.

                Looking forward to the hackathon :)

                1. 2

                  Found some good shots on Dribbble that might be inspirational for your designs:

                  • this one and this one have cool hero sections that you could maybe learn from

                  • the articles in this one look great with their bold black titles, gray body text, and great spacing. i think the articles you put in your newsletter could use a similarly simple design. your font choice is holding them back imo.

                  • this one has a beautiful landing page that's organized very similar to yours but looks better due to font choices, images, and spacing

                  I geek out on design stuff, and looking at Dribbble for inspiration really helps me out, so maybe it will help you, too. Avoid copying entire designs, but feel free to shamelessly steal little details.

                  1. 1

                    thanks for the inspiration! 🙌

          2. 1

            Not sure how much I'll get around to for the hackathon since I'll be traveling and I have something potentially big pending for Cloud Campaign, but ideally

            | Configuration

            • Choose which sections you want

            • Order the sections

            • Maybe change the content, but likely won't get around to it

            | Design

            Agreed.. anyone interested? haha

            I was thinking of either curating gradients or use AI to pick complimentary colors. Then just having a basic design and letting the user either cycle thru random color mixtures like this and pick the one they want. Or enter hex codes to match their website.

  23. 3

    Hi, I'm a fullstack dev/react native etc. based in Switzerland. Hit me up if you need an extra pair of hands for your project. I happen to have most of November free so let's get busy!


    1. 1

      Hey Ric, did you find your team?

  24. 3

    I'm Blair and based out of the UK

    I have no coding skills, but work in sales and I'm an avid marketing and general reader

    Not looking for a partner, just looking to build my first product

    I want to create without code. I have an understanding of products without having built them and constantly have ideas for problems I could solve. Currently considering:

    • a local rugby fixture finder for when local rugby teams have a free weekend or want a team to play at the last minute (Marketplace set up, matching teams by location).

    • a finder for local calligraphy classes (again, a marketplace set up, matching people who want to take courses with experienced calligraphers)

    • green home energy supplier finder: I recently changed energy provider and finding out costs, information, % energy from renewable sources was tough!

    Definitely looking for feedback!

      1. 1

        Thanks for the suggestion! Have you used it before?

  25. 3

    Hey everyone,

    product manager here. I have strong experience in product development, design, marketing, operations etc. and want to collaborate with somebody who is interested in building a Slack bot (+ connecting this to our existing backend infrastructure).

    I already did tons of research and the demand for a product like this is HUGE.

    1. 3

      Sounds interesting, I've built a couple of chatbots before for Slack and Hipchat. aespinoza@aspria.net

      1. 2

        Done! :)

    2. 3

      Hey, let's talk! ohad@ohadron.com

      1. 2

        will email you now! :)

  26. 3


    I'm a software engineer based in Brazil working on a PaaS (https://wedeploy.com) but for the hackathon, I'll be working on a "one-click to launch" server hosting for cs:go, billed by the minute so you, as a team-owner or twitch streamer, can launch a server at any time you want and not be billed for extra-hours.

    The idea is to make the experience of launching a competitive multiplayer game server 10x better. Back in the days of CS1.5 up to the end of 1.6 I played with the top teams in Brazil and looking at the scenario right now it looks like not changed much. Accustomed with servers launching in seconds, being ephemeral and highly configurable from a pretty UI or just telling a Slack bot to perform some voice ops, it looks to me that there's a ton to improve in the gaming industry.

    If you're a player of either CS:GO or any other competitive multiplayer game, please reach out! I'd love to have you input as the only sources I have so far are Brazillian players which have their own biases.


  27. 3

    Hi guys, nice to meet you all, we are building an AI powered app to accurately predict what baby wants by catching their noise and body motions, we are looking for someone in ML/AI category to help out this fun project.

  28. 3

    Hey everyone!

    You can call me Taps. I'm a fullstack developer and I dabble in design. Super excited about the hackathon! Going to get started on an idea I've had brewing for a while. It's a collaborative writing app for bloggers and digital content teams that lets you independently edit the structure, content and layout of a document. Pretty much every writing app I've ever used either sucks or is just too rigid to do what I want. So I thought I'd build one that's more flexible and simplifies the writing process.

    Get in touch if that sounds interesting or if you just want to tinker around with it once the building starts ;). taps at murove dot com

  29. 3

    Hi Guys, Android developer here ( 3 years of experience ). Im looking for a team or at least another person. I have created a few apps on my own, but Im really looking into creating something new for this Hackaton. I have one idea myself, but I haven`t validated it yet.

  30. 3

    NYC based product / marketing / strategy / idea person looking for a teammate or joining a team in the social category

    1. 2

      Hi there, I am looking to pair up if you have a neat idea, let me know! I can build it

      1. 2

        lots of ideas - any on your end ?

  31. 3

    Looking for collaborators in Social Impact! Might be a good fit if you’ve been keeping up with recent exposure of sexual harassment / discrimination across multiple industries 😱 and want to do something to help.

    We’ve always had unequal balances in power, the difference now is that we’re talking about it publicly. The world is ready for fairness and transparency to mitigate the abuse and empower those who have been put down for so long. I have some ideas for tackling this, specifically for the audience of founders and future founders.

    I’m Jen, ex-Product and People Ops at Lever. I’ve been leading Diversity & Inclusion from when Lever was just 10 employees, and 100 employees later, we reached a 50:50 gender split, among other markers of diversity. As a former recruiter / Head of People, my area of expertise is in psychology, sociology, team development. As an early Product hire, I was also heavily involved in design and PM’ing.

    Reach out if you’re interested and we can talk more!

    1. 1

      Hi Jen, I'm a machine learning student interested in building a classifier for harassment in forums and other places. what do you think? What are your ideas?

    2. 1

      Hi Jen, I ought to have a bit of time for not doing my own thing in November, and this sounds like something I want to get behind. I didn't see an email in your bio, so reaching out here. I'm a full-stack web developer, most comfortable with the MEVN stack but open to expanding my horizons on that front. alex@penmob.com if I could be of help!

  32. 3

    Hi all! My name is Jeremy and I am a designer, somewhat of a web app developer and a full-time course instructor teaching Game Development.

    I am looking for a teammate who can...

    • Help me develop my idea of making a tiny video app with better CRM integration!

    • A developer who knows more about creating an app that can generate links on custom domains

    Reply and reach out, would love to work together.

  33. 3

    Hi folks, Joel here! I'm a Senior Product Manager at a Silicon Alley startup, and I moonlight as a full-stack dev (mobile apps as well, w/React Native). If anyone needs help fleshing out the value prop of their project, or needs a strong non-technical arm, or needs extra dev manpower, hit me up! I have a ton of experience in B2B SaaS (MarketingTech, RealEstateTech, B2B2C commerce) and B2C (Education) products, so if your projects overlap in any of those areas I'd be especially valuable. Let's do this! :)

    1. 1

      Sounds interesting, sent you an email! :)

    2. 1

      sounds interesting. Can you please add your mail address to your profile?

      1. 1


    3. 1

      this reads like an awesome CV. beware recruiters :)

  34. 3

    Hello guys, I am Vaclav, a UX & Product Designer based in the US, currently working with A+ Bay Area startups via own startup studio – www.bold92.com. I am entering the hackathon with our AI based email subscription service for the deeply discounted travel deals with special perks, such as free room/view upgrades, breakfast or hotel credit.

    If there's anyone interested in joining us on the dev part, please let me know!

    As well as I'd like to see some other potential projects reaching out to me for a possible help on UX, design or product thinking.

    1. 1

      Hey Vaclav, how can I contact you?

      1. 1

        Shot me an email on info@bold92.com :). Looking forward to it!

  35. 2

    Little late to the party, but I'm in for the Hackathon. Just finished my first upcoming page using Ship: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/tweetmyslides (How awesome is it of ProductHunt to give us access to that for free!)

    A bit about me - I'm a long time IndieHackers lurker, but have just finally got around to registering. I'm a developer in London, but am originally from New Zealand. I have two young kids, so struggle to find enough time to get work done on my side projects, but this hackathon is giving my added impetus, so looking forward to having something launched soon.

    My hackathon entry is a bit of side-project marketing for the main app I'm working on. It's called TweetMySlides, and lets you tweet your Powerpoint slides as a sequence* of images. (*aka a tweetstorm)

    The idea originally came from a tweet by Stewart Brand: https://twitter.com/stewartbrand/status/889533329405386752 - "Slide deck as Tweet thread!"

    So far I've got half the backend done, and now am fleshing out the front-end so I can get some screenshots.

    I'm building it with Azure Functions on the backend (my first go at 'serverless' - has been great so far!), and my beloved Vue JS on the frontend, using the Bulma CSS framework.

    I'll let you know when the beta of the site is up, but in the meantime if you want to give the upcoming page a go it'd be good to get some feedback on that as well. :)

    Thanks, and good luck to everyone for the hackathon.

    1. 1

      I love that idea! If it were easy to use, I think I'd use it the next time I gave a talk… maybe to supplement the talk, or maybe even beforehand to test the waters. Good luck, and let us all know how it goes.

      1. 1

        Cheers Courtland! Good to hear it might get at least one user. :)

        Am hoping it'll be useful for presenters to use to supplement the talk like you say, and to stimulate discussion during/afterwards as people will be able to reply to any individual slide's tweet in the sequence to comment.

    2. 1

      Wow, just saw the latest email from ProductHunt - $1000 in Amazon credits for the Hackathon! Amazeballs - thanks @rrhoover! Any chance you could challenge Microsoft to match it for Azure credits? ;)

  36. 2


    I'm Marcin, backend developer (Ruby) from Poland with 8 months commercial experience. In free time I'm working on http://laptophits.com.

    This month I'm taking a break from LaptopHits and will implement one of my ideas around analyzing developer job boards.

    If you know any job boards with open access through RSS or some kind of API, please let me know :).

  37. 2
    • Hi, this is Saran, developer.

    • I love building products on open web

    • not looking for partner

    • the idea is that for "extream searchers" who want to monitor web site(s) for given keywors.

    • Feedback's are most welcome

  38. 2

    Who you are?

    Jean Lucas, from Brazil, I work bringing together startups and big companies in Brazil.

    What are your skills and interests?

    UX, frontend, product design, wireframing.

    Do you need a partner? (Consider replying to someone else who's looking to team up.)

    Yes! Fullstack developers, and also these technologies: Firebase, Ember.js,

    What ideas are you considering?

    Looking for boring tech innovation and looking to impact companies (B2B).

    1. 2

      Oh man, I'm building Indie Hackers using Ember and Firebase, so we like the same tech stacks :-D

      1. 1

        oh for real? isn't it super productive? :-D nice to see embereños around, I am even looking for the next months release some products only using Ember + Firebase

  39. 2
    • I'm Mario.

    • I'm primarily a web developer, but I've also worked extensively in marketing and advertising. My biggest interest right now is AI.

    • Not looking for a partner at this time, but I wouldn't rule it out if someone had a lot to offer that could give this project a competitive advantage.

    • The idea I'm running with is called Hall Monitor, an AI-powered API for content moderation. The gist is you would send over a piece of content (say a paragraph or a text message, whatever... just text at first), and the service would respond with how likely it is that this content could be offensive (fowl language, sexual content, hate speech, etc.). You can then use that ranking to determine whether you want to block that content, send it for further human vetting, or whatever else you like. (Maybe you'd rather promote the most offensive content to the top. I'm not here to judge.)

    • I'd love some feedback!! Here's my pitch deck: http://thelink.la/dQwU

    1. 1

      Cool idea! I need something like this for the IH forum. I've spent a decent amount of time fighting spammers here, and I'd rather not have to moderate every comment myself.

      What's your strategy to get this off the ground, though? How do you train it when you don't have any users?

      1. 1

        Wow! Mr. Courtland himself :-) I'm honoured to know you like the idea and could even use it yourself.

        The training data is the hardest part, I think. This may be one of the rare times someone has ever been grateful for the horrid state of YouTube comments, because I might be mining them for training purposes.

  40. 2

    This is awesome! I'm Mark, a Director of Sales for a popular startup in San Francisco and would love to join a team/find an idea. I can do pretty much everything except code.

  41. 2

    Hi I'm Brett I'm a marketer in edtech.

    I'm skilled in writing, customer interviewing, and python for machine learning.

    I'd love to partner with a stranger, preferably with web dev skills.


    • Help self-driven learners track progress across a mooc curriculum,

    • Any application of machine learning

    • open to social impact ideas.

    Please reach out :) email in profile

  42. 2

    Hey all, Alex here. I'm a full stack developer that mostly works with Ruby, Rails, and JS. I also have experience in the marketing side of things, especially with testing and validating ideas via PPC (Google/Facebook), as well as experience with content writing and SEO.

    I have just recently started working on validating an idea and getting traction with a new MVP, but am totally interested in starting another project!

    I'm in the NYC area, let me know if you are interested in teaming up. I don't have many ideas at the moment, but I'm up for teaming with a fellow designer, dev, or marketer to do a product in the Social Impact/Slack/Google Home space. Let's talk to possible users, test landing pages, and validate ideas quickly together!

  43. 2

    Hello hackers,

    I'm Caleb Sylvest, co-founder of Spacetime an Experience Design agency. We primarily build software for startup clients, which is cool, but now we are starting to think about harnessing our experience and build our own products.

    Currently, we are just getting a first-run MVP out for our product Outpost. Outpost is a tool to help teams organize and stay on top of projects. It's not a replacement for standard PM apps like Basecamp or Trello. Outpost is a supplement to your current project process and easy to add in without causing a headache. Feel free to check it out, as is. Note: the product is very MVP, marketing copy is junk and on-boarding is mystery meat

    For the November hackathon, my team is considering doubling down on Outpost or building a real estate API product that would rock the socks of all the developers out there feeling the pain of working with current available APIs.

    I'd love input on the ideas, or anything else. Good luck to all the indie hackers!

  44. 2

    I am in for a project or two (or more but little ones). I have some ideas but I'm open to any other ideas. Looking for someone who wants to build something fun and/or useful.

    Reach out to me on Twitter (look at my user profile) if you are interested.

    See you.

  45. 2

    Was there a confirmation email? I didn't receive anything after submitting.

    1. 2

      No confirmation email, but you're enrolled once you submit the typeform 🤗

      1. 1

        When would we receive the facebook group invite, etc?

        1. 1

          You should have already received it - feel free to ping me if it didn't go through nick@producthunt.com

    2. 2

      I don't think there's a confirmation, at least not immediately after submitting.

  46. 1

    Cool! We are participating as well and built a Slackbot to monitor your IoT devices and communicate with them over Slack


  47. 1

    Hello everyone, my friend and I are very excited to be a part of PH + IH hackathon.

    We are developing a productivity app (http://unphone.me/) that keeps you off the phone and makes you money.

    We'd love input or feedback on the idea and landing page. Good luck to all the indie hackers!

    If the project is of any interest, please sign up for beta http://unphone.me

    Thanks a ton.