February 5, 2019

Three years of HeyTaco! and 3 decisions I’m glad I made

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    This is a wonderful post, and a neat little product. I love your focus on simplicity and fixing core issues rather than hiring employees.

    I have two questions:

    1. How long were you working on HeyTaco before you left your job?

    2. How did you market this?

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      Hi Zeph!

      I worked on HeyTaco! while employed for about 10 months; although, the last three months I was on a "transition plan" and worked part-time.

      As for marketing, I did the typical Product Hunt launch and such, but being listed high in Slacks App Directory has really helped.

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        Thanks a lot. That's a fast transition — great job!

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          Thanks! I'll admit though, It helped that my employer invested in HeyTaco!.