December 6, 2018

Thursday Edition: Daily Stand Up!



That extra nudge of accountability to achieve even a small step on your IH journey each day.

To join in:

01 Share your epic (a big chunk of work with a meaty objective) you'd like to complete by the end of December.

02 Share what you accomplished yesterday.

03 Share what you commit to accomplishing today.


04 Comment on at least one fellow hacker's progress and give them an IH Point for their check in.

05 Share your Work In Progress to underscore your accomplishments!

Then tune in the tomorrow to share how you did on your own tasks!

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    By end of December:

    • 100 first chapters published.

    • 8 user interviews conducted.

    • 1 blog post published.

    • Most lucrative niches identified.

    • Most lucrative channels identified.

    Today is go day! Hoping to put 25 chapters on the board by end of day tomorrow!


    Community Building

    • ✓ Finalize two paragraphs for blog post.

    • Send email to mailing list re launch of site. (Completely forgot to do this!)

    • ✓ Continue to do battle with Google Ads.


    • ✓ Prep app to scale for tomorrow.

    • ✓ Revisit word count logic.


    Community Building

    • Finalize three paragraphs for blog post. (I'm on a roll!)

    • Continue to do battle with Google Ads.


    • Complete the entire experience on mobile.

    • Push final changes.

    • Complete a thorough job of manual testing.

    • Check analytics are up and running.

    • Clear database.

    • Stop fiddling with the app at 12 noon.

    KUDOS: Pending others joining in.

    WORK IN PROGRESS: Happy Endings

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      You sure get A LOT done in one day! 👏

      1. 3

        (Laughing!) Listing tasks is one thing. Completing them... another!

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    (Context: I am working on - lightweight relationship management tool.)

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      Thanks for joining stand up, @theBrandonWu! Took a quick peek at your draft. Great start! It seems you've fallen prey to the classic conundrum of emphasizing features versus problems solved. E.g. One Button Save versus Never lose track of important introductions.

      1. 1

        Thanks for checking it out! Hah that's what I was trying to avoid! The One Button Save text is meant to convey how quickly you can save a contact. Time to re-write the benefits to actually be about benefits! Thanks again :)

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    Yesterday I finished landing page v2 for Today I will start doing more marketing by writing Quora and Medium articles to drive traffic and get more email subscribers. For December I need to get 100 email subscribers and finish the first version of my app by the end of the month.

    1. 2

      Welcome to the stand up party, @satvikpendem! Great looking app! Your unique value add isn't obvious from the landing page... what is it?