November 6, 2018

To challenge myself I built a micro-startup in less than 10 hours

Hello 👋

I wrote an article about what worked for me during this challenge, maybe some of you will find it interesting :

🚀TL;DR :

  • Plan everything before coding anything

  • Abuse of free and easy-to-use services

  • Don't be afraid to inspire strongly from what already exists

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    Nice, action is always better than doing nothing and/or never shipping! 😎👍

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    Great source and perfect timing!

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    Very cool!

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    Great job! Thanks for the article. :)

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    An inspiring post! The list of services you used is very helpful. Best of luck 👍

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    Bravo! J'adore. Thank you for sharing.

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    Your write up consists of good information; thanks for writing this. I'm not into working on dozens of projects and shipping out as many as I can - this is a good way to lose focus. Not to mention, this makes your mission of pushing out a unicorn and revolutionizing an industry near impossible if you do not put all of your efforts into a singular idea that you have a lot of passion for.

    On the other hand, your project looks nice and I wish you success.

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      True ! There are two strategies as an indie maker : focus on an idea or make many projects and observe if one of them take off.

      Honestly as I am just a guy coding in my room, it's not about building the next unicorn, but just about bringing some value to my users and maybe one day make enough money to sustain my living costs.

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        Agreed, Julien!

        Creating this habit of building small and valuable projects teaches you on failing fast and failing many times. It really isn't an easy process managing a unicorn if you don't have experience with failing and learning how to pick yourself up.

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        @harijoe, I understand. Your mission, as you noted is to bring value to your users and perhaps eventually make it to where you are able to sustain your living costs. My mission is to not only bring value to all users of my mobile app/service, but to revolutionize my industry and build an empire all the while doing so. Catering to consumers and forging a landscape for yourself all the while doing so is something I have believed in since an early age.

        I like what you are doing though. Failures are nothing short of learning experiences. Good luck.

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    Really impressive, great result!

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    Thanks for the article. It had helpful advice on how to ship.

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