December 4, 2018

Top 10 Indie News for This Week

For those reading this list for the first time:

I've been a founder for 12+ years and subscribed to pretty much every publication out there (TechCrunch, Reddit entrepreneur-related subs, etc.) The ONLY 2 resources which have been relevant to me, however, were a) Indiehackers b) HackerNews.

The problem with HackerNews is that many of the articles there are some heavy tech. However, the entrepreneur-related ones (which appear once in a while) are AMAZING, with the comment section being world-class. There are around 20 articles like these each week, and I'm posting the top 10 here. If you'd like to continue to receive posts like these every week on IndieHackers, feel free to upvote this, it means a ton for motivation :)

  1. How to balance full-time work with creative projects (757 votes)

This is one of those stories where the comment section is way better than the article. Loved the top-rated comment:

"I think side projects, software at least, are a lot like the Civilization games.

You can't wait to start. The first 10% is awesome. 10-40% is complex and the difficulty ramps up. 40-100%, all you can think about is starting over on something else. At around 80%, you just quit and actually do start over."

  1. I Bootstrapped My Side Project to $6k/Month (2017) (228 votes)

An interesting story about a guy who took his side project to profitability, but ultimately decided to shut down the project.

  1. One of the world’s most visited websites that nobody is aware of (2017) (321 votes)

A reporter investigates a site, which is a part of a network of sites scraping/indexing PDFs / power-point presentations. Last week's FounderNews had an article on how Zappier uses a similar approach in their own vertical.

  1. Ask HN: What's your routine/ways to keep being productive day by day? (85 votes)

Lots of useful advice here.


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  1. The greatest sales deck I've ever seen (2016) (395 votes)

Don't know how to make sales presentations? This is a good template to get you started.

  1. Daniel Kahneman on when to trust intuitive judgment (259 votes)

When should you trust your gut? This is an important thing to know when making business decisions.

  1. What’s Next for Marketplace Startups? (54 votes)

This article describes the whole history of marketplace startups, as well as where things are heading next. A must-read for everyone thinking of going into marketplaces.

  1. New for AWS Lambda: Use Any Programming Language and Share Common Components (479 votes)

This is big news from Amazon. Now their Lambda service supports virtually and language. Creating MVPs is about to get way cheaper!

  1. Paying for Popularity Can Be Fraud (281 votes)

news ycombinator com item?id=18539017 (last 2 link made unclickable on purpose, because IH flags posts with >= 10 links).

The "fraud" part is if you try to later sell a fakely-built business to investors. The HN comment section is the valuable thing here. People mention lots of examples of how companies / people "fake it till they make it" successfully.

  1. Amazon Textract – Extract text and data from virtually any document (229 votes)

news ycombinator com item?id=18554122

Got an idea related to OCR? Amazon just released a super-cheap API you can build on.

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