November 6, 2018

Turning the Worst Part of My Job into a Successful SaaS

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    Cool, congrats.

    Just one thing. On the "Get started" button on bottom of page goes to http://localhost/scopeleads/pricing/ ;-)



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      Thanks so much Stefan! Changed it up.

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    Really like the animation in the header. Good work.

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      Thanks Michael!

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        Did you make the anmation yourself or did you use a service for that?

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          The designer ended up doing it. Didn't even know he would in the beginning!

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    Great job with the revamp, looks really nice!

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      Thanks Virgil!

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    Thanks for the insider info, it's really valuable.

    As a fellow SaaS founder, I'm really interested to hear on what sites have you managed to sell those 4,000 lifetime subscriptions in the beginning? And what was your price point for the lifetime subscription compared to the monthly fees?

    We haven't done a loud launch yet, so I would love to hear what worked out for you that well! Making 2x $200k in revenue - that's like a funding round :) So awesome.

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      Hey Roland, the launch wasn't done on a site, it was simply my landing/sales page hosted on my server. Then the affiliate drove their affiliate links (via email, blogging, social, etc) to the sales page directly.

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        Yeah, that seems to be a great reasoning against appsumo. It not only undervalues a service, but gives you a bunch of people who you'll need to support for a lifetime.

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      Sounds like appsumo for $49 a lifetime package. You should check the forum on the experience from other founders as you only keep a smaller % of that 200k and indeed you suddenly need to support 4k users for a lifetime, which does not sound like a good deal to me but you obviously need to decide for yourself.

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        It wasn't done on appsumo, we did it all on our own with affiliates, no platform.

        I definitely agree with that point though, and it is something that I said I regret in the post.

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          That is quite an achievement to get organized though, and thanks for being open in the article as I think it gives a good perspective of this kind of deals.

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    Where can I find the courses that you talked about the CLTV?

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      I don't promote them publicly but if you signup for the blog I tend to email about it 2-3 times a year!

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        Oh yes, I subscribed immediately, I love your content. Very useful for my just starting business.

        Can't wait to see the rest of your content and course!

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    Thanks.. would love to hear more about how you found your developer, selected them etc, as I'm a non-tech going through that process myself currently.

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      Hey Tony, I used a lot of freelance websites in the beginning and I still do. If you vet them very well, have them do tests, explain things to you in layman's terms, you'll end up gaining some experience and be able to tell who's actually good.

      I found my first developers on Facebook, in a group about the technology I was looking to develop in. If you have cash, you can also go to pre-vetted marketplaces like TopTal.

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    Thanks for sharing. Great story.

    If you had to start over would you still use the product launch method? If so, do you have any specifics that worked or didn’t work well for you or something you would change?

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      Hey Nate, I pretty much cover all of this in the interview. I recommend everyone do a product launch at least once. But don't make it lifetime unless you have a plan to make money off the backend or convert many of them into recurring.

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    Right on, congrats Lior 🎉

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      Haha thanks man! Content strategy coming soon!

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    I'm curious, do you source the leads from somewhere? Are they domain-based leads from whois records for example, or salesforce leads?

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    Will you have your developer/CTO recommend another web developer who is as good as him?

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    I knew a Maimon Ohayon who looks like you and is also me wondering. Guess not! Yeah, Maimonides was pretty awesome. Fantastic work on your SaaS!

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    Amazing! Great breakdown! You look like Maimon...related?

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      Thanks Steve! Mmm not sure who that is but I'm a big fan of Maimonides!

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    Why did you make the move from Stripe to Chargebee? Also, were you able to migrate customers from Stripe to chargebee?

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      Hi David,

      Chargebee is actually a layer on top of Stripe - just gives you more interactive management of your billings.

      We were using another gateway that also used Stripe. They were the ones that locked their subs into their platform by doing one-off calls via the API every month to bill the customer. Instead of a proper Stripe subscription which would have been easy to port over.

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    I'm curious it seems like at some point it seems like you're selling the same leads and process(free audit) to competitors. How do competitors using your platform differentiate themselves from each other?

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      Tens of millions of businesses in North America alone.

      Thousands of possible variations of things you can sell to those businesses. digital marketing, B2B, consulting, etc.

      Fresh leads returned every time a Search is ran in SL.

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    Hi Lior, I'm curious how the video animations were made. They are very clean. I love them!

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      The designer made them so I'm not sure what program he used! Go to dribbble to find tons of animations like this.

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