November 8, 2018

Want free landing page design and copy for your site? Help us build our portfolio for new SaaS.


So we are launching an unlimited monthly subscription copywriting service and I need some real people to finish building out our portfolio with before we go live.

Things we offer:

  • landing page design

  • landing page copy

  • website copy (including features, FAQ, pricing pages, etc)

  • infographics

  • pitch decks

  • email newsletters

  • social media posts, banners, profile descriptions for all media including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

  • weekly blogposts

We're offering the first 10 people who post (and potentially more depending on how busy we get) a free landing page design and copy for your product/service/app to showcase in our portfolio.

If there is another element (e.g. pitch deck, or email newsletter) that you prefer for us to do over a LP, then mention that in your comment next to a link to your existing site.

You'll hear from me in the PMs :)

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    Hey all, just wondering if there are any landing pages available to look at as a result of this post?

    I'd love to see some before / after comparisons, the new designs or some example copywriting.

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    Thank you for this awesome offer.

    I would like to participate as well if there is a slot available?

    Our website is



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    Wow it's really amazing and kind of you.

    I was also looking for landing page ideas or templates to prepare the beta of my website :)

    If there is still a place available, I am available :)

    thank you @slayla

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      Hey @bluebeel- shoot me a message and I'll be happy to forward you some questions to get us started.

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    I'm interested in this. Any help is always welcome

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      Hi @Adisa - check your inbox :)

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    That's amazing! Would love to be part of your portfolio. If you still have a spot (or time) left, do let me know and let's talk! :)

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      Hey @sleepwalker! Would love to have you as part of our portfolio. We are opening up 10 more spots so let's talk- check that inbox :)

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    Think I'm in too late, but if you have some extra time, I'd love this :)

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      Hey @AndrewV - we just opened up 10 more spots to keep up- it's a good challenge for us. Check your inbox :)

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    Hey I'm interested in some copy only! I don't need a design but would love copy if that can help me get this from you!

    I'm starting a design + dev agency after finding 1 more partner brining my crew to 3 ppl and would like to build a central website to show clients.

    I would want the landing page to convince clients to work with us for their design + development needs. I haven't figured out our target market though. If you need more clarity I'd be happy to help. Hope to hear from you!

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      Hey @albertkim! Sounds great. We've worked with a few agencies and might be able to help. Shoot me a message and I'll send you some quick questions to answer before we get started.


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    Hello! Am I too late to the party? I am currently developing the backend of my webapp and need some help creating a landing page so I can start to build some hype before I launch. Hopefully it is not too late. I'd love to work with you. Thanks!

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      Hey @itsJunc! Sounds great. Send me a PM and I'll shoot you some quick questions to answer before we get started.


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        Thank you very much! I’ll get back to you once I get out of my classes today.

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          Sounds good @itsJunc. Look forward to it.

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    Hi Slalya, get in touch! :)

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      Hey @ESCarneiro - just sent you an email :) Check that inbox!

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    hey look like Im lucky enough to reserve the 9th spot :)

    I am working on landing page of our ecommerce SaaS service that we have been coding for a year now, almost done, putting final touches. I would love some professional help and dont mind paying a symbolic amount too:)

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      Hey @darkrussian, that sounds awesome. Can't seem to be able to send you a PM. Mind giving me an email I can send some questions to so we can get started?

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        hi, did you get a chance send that email?

        I didn't receive anything

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        sorry about that. i went thru settings and could not find how to enable PMs so please contact me elvirs at gmail

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          Hey! No worries -I was surprised when I got your reply since all the messages have been responded to :) I'll shoot you a message now. Write back to me here if you don't get anything!

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    Hey! I would love to get in early and be part of your portfolio. I can send the request through PM.

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      Sounds great @alderr. Shoot me a PM/email. I'll get back to you asap.

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    Interested and glad that I saw this...!

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      I'm glad you're glad and more glad you saw this :D

      Feel free to shoot me a PM even if your startup is still in idea phase- we'll whip up a landing page design and copy for you in no time.

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    Hi. I would love to help you out and be part of your portfolio. Let me know if you need anything. Thanks in advance!

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      Awesome. Sent you an email!

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        Thanks! Received.

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    I would like this service

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      Great- if you have an existing site you'd like us to work on feel free to shoot me a PM/leave a comment here.

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    Cool, thanks for this! I am just about to start working on my first SaaS and this would be awesome to get started with and motivational.

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      Hey Diogo! We're all serial makers in my startup and know how sometimes putting together the LP and coming up with good copy is the thing founders procrastinate over the most.

      Shouldn't have to be that way. Shoot me a PM about your idea and I'd be happy to get the ball rolling on this for you.

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        @slayla thanks, i appreciate that. Send an email to e.diogodias @ gmail since i cannot PM you.

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          Just updated my settings so that's fixed now :) Sending you an email rn!

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    Hey, that would be great, I was about to build a landing-page myself. Any help is appreciated :)

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      Hey @evnix - I don't have the option of sending you a PM via your profile. Shoot me one and we'd be happy to take care of the LP for you.

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    This is perfect timing! I would love to work with you on landing page copy for new saas. Thanks :)

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      Hey @kerrin - can't send you a PM via IH it seems. Shoot me one so we can get started on the LP for you.

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    Hey this is amazing and I could sure use the help with my landing page. My site is


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      Hey @chazie9 - awesome. Can you shoot me a PM (can't message you via IH) so I can forward you a list of 5 quick questions that we need filled out before we get started?


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        hi @slayla I cant send a PM either. Can you send me an email at Thanks!

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          Hey @chazie9- just sent you an email :)

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