January 2, 2019

Wanted: aspiring bootstrapper

2019, huh?! A very happy New Year to all Indie Hackers!

The last couple of years have been good to me as a solo founder. I’ve bootstrapped four SaaS products from nothing, and the oldest and biggest has just hit $25k MRR. I’ve got projects in the pipeline I just couldn’t be more excited about.

But… there’s a nagging feeling something’s missing. Riding this rollercoaster alone definitely has its perks, but also a few drawbacks.

So, for 2019 I’m going to try something new. An experiment of sorts. I want to find someone who’s ready to take the plunge as a solo bootstrapper to work with me for two years as they start their own software business.

I wrote a thing about it here: https://medium.com/@toby.nicholas/wanted-aspiring-bootstrapper-1910ebefbdd7

I'll report back to IH on whether this turns out to be a stunning success or unmitigated disaster (:

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    Great way to empower passionate newbies.

    Just applied. Looking forward to chatting with you.

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    Really interesting idea. Awesome to see people looking for ways to send the ladder down behind them.

    Would be super interested in getting updates on how this ends up working out for you.

    Best of luck.

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    Thanks for all the ❤️everyone! I wasn't sure how this would go down here, so I'm feeling some relief (:

    Feel free to reach out by email if you have any questions -- I'm toby@botanicastudios.io -- or of course post them here if they're useful to other people too.

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    Too bad I'm not in US timezone

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    Such a cool ideas!

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    This a great idea. Wish there was one for non coders/developers. Best of luck.

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    Just sent mine :D

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    If you ever plan to accept applications outside of the US timezone I would love to apply

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      Not OP, but you probably just need to work during US timezones, not necessarily be in US timezones.

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    I really liked the idea. Since I am bootsrapping myself (consulting almost full-time and moonlighting on my product), I will apply.

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    Loved the reference to the Homebrew guy's Google interview. Great concept.

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    Awesome offering @tobynicholas if only you had a need for a biz dev person. Well, if you ever want to start building a sales team, let me know.

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    Awesome idea!

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