July 11, 2018

WeNote - Notes, To-do lists, Reminders & Calendar. How can we do it better?

After few years development on stock market app (https://jstock.co), we (2 persons team) feel pretty clues-less on how to further grow the app.

Hence, we decide to take a break from stock market app project, and explore next app idea.

Look at Evernote, ColorNote & Google Keep, we notice note taking app market is pretty huge.

Due to low entry barrier, it isn't surprise to see so many note taking apps in the market.

We notice we might able to add additional value. For instance.

Google Keep - Lack of calendar view. Lack of password locked note feature.

ColorNote - Lack of attach image feature.

We spend total 3 months time to develop such product - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yocto.wenote

We however, found it is extremely to market the product. Searching for "note" or "to-do" doesn't get our app listed :)

  1. Any idea how we can market the app in such already crowded market?

  2. How we can make the app even better?

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    A few things come to mind:

    • Your app doesn't address any serious pain point in the crowded "note taking" market. There is nothing that would make me say I need to use your product over someone else's. I think it was a good idea to look at functionality gaps in other products as a start, but I'm guessing you didn't validate that those gaps were actually pain points. Perhaps there was a reason your competitors passed on the features you added to your product - nobody was asking for them.

    • Consider that there is a difference between a note taking app and a to-do list. It may be a bit subtle, but note taking is a different experience than writing to-do list. Which one are you targeting? Put your energy into that one.

    • Lastly, since you have created a generic app, now you are going to have to spend some time making it "special purpose". This doesn't always mean you will need to add new features, but it might. Consider the following kinds of people who need a note taking app. These ideas aren't meant to be original - they are just some thoughts to get you going in the right direction.

    • high school students who need some kind of organized way of taking notes and retrieving them for study. You could spend a little time finding out pain points of high school students & tailoring your app to them. My mind immediately goes to mindmaps and other note taking frameworks.

    • moms who need grocery lists when they do their grocery shopping. again, opportunities exist for tailoring...

    • salesmen who travel a lot and don't have time to write out their new best product ideas that come to them in the shower - they need to jot it down quickly before they lose it...maybe they speak into their phone to get it down before they forget...

    If you don't want to add new features, then you position your app in one of these markets as the best note taking app for "mom", or for "students" or for "salesman" or for whomever. But you have to find that positioning (as jonathan lai pointed out).

    Anyway, good luck!


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      Thanks for advice. 3 months development lay out a good foundation for this generic app. We still pivoting the market, to see which specialized direction we should go for.

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    You'll need spend some time thinking about the positioning of your app so it can stand out from all the HUGE players in the space.

    What problem does your app solve that others current don't? To me, one thing that potentially seems to stand out is password locked notes.

    However, I'm not sure what the use case is.

    For what it's worth, I keep tons of notes on Google Keep for my project (www.tribefive.me for reference) but so far, I haven't had a need to password protect any of them.

    Good luck!

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      Gf/Bf/Wife/Husband/Friends looking at own phone is pretty common thingy. Everyone has a secret is also a common thingy :)

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        Problem is if your app is known as the secret app it kinda defeats the purpose of being the secret app.