November 6, 2018

We've launched! Hooray!

The App Store finally approved my app build, and I am now live on the app store! (

I will be doing a Product Hunt release very soon, along with some other PR's.

Any tips for a good Product Hunt release?

Thanks all!

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    I'd post over at PH and more explicitly explain the advantages of what the app does; what is the value for users:

    lucid dreams > what does this mean and how can this help someone?

    Furthermore, read this post by PH:

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      Thanks Edwin! I'll spend some time creating nice screenshots for my app, along with a gif that explains the basic premise. Do you think my App Store description/promo text will be good enough to be the Product Hunt description?

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        I think it does. I'm not native english so perhaps that's why the term "lucid dreams" didn't ring a bell with me. Now I know

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    Many individuals may not know what lucid dreaming is. With this in mind, it is important to inform your target audience of what it is and what your app sets out to do exactly as your landing page is not 100% clear as to what is going on. While those who lucid dream may understand what you are trying to do, those who are aware of what lucid dreaming is but do not know the terminology, etc are going to be a bit lost - making you lose out on a download(s).

    Further, you are going to want to throw some of your most seducing screenshots pertaining to your mobile app that will draw in your audience. Think of a simulation that shows what daydream does but in 10 seconds - short enough where you have the full undivided attention of the user.

    As for your tagline/motto, it leaves an unknown feeling. In other words, what is daydreaming help unlock? The devil is in the details.

    A commenter (Sten Pittet) pointed out that he wasn't able to dissect what your mobile app does. To backpedal for a moment, this points to the prior segment here about your tagline/motto. Those landing on your page should be able to determine what your mobile app is all about in no longer than 30 seconds; preferably sooner.

    Best of luck.

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    Just in time!

    I released Willing to hunt about a day ago.

    It lets you discover top hunters who are willing to post your product on Producthunt.

    A good hunter with good reputation can easily get you featured.

    here it is.

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    I'm interested in how this works. What is your success rate of using the app exclusively instead of learning WILD or MILD, etc?

    Does the reality check notification tell you to do a selected action or how does that work? I don't think I have ever used a cell phone in my dream so I'm not sure how well that would work if it's a reality check dependant on the phone.

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    Congrats on the milestone! I'm quite curious about the app and what it does. Is that a way to remember our dreams better?

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    Congrats on the launch Sam.

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    Sounds like a really cool app. Excited to check it out!

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      My initial feedback regarding the iOS app: dream entry was difficult; typing in the description of my dream was hindered by the keypad which blocked the screen. The text was also really large and oddly spaced so I couldn’t differentiate description text from the question prompt easily.

      Also my dream entry is unresponsive to my touch when I try to open it.

      So far haven’t had the chance to explore other features but hope these are helpful/considered. The app is great and has amazing potential.

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    Now... The real work starts :) Good luck on the journey!

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    and someone else will explain the meaning of my dreams? or what is the main reason to document my dreaming experience? an expert will help me?

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    yes, for my lucid dream is not clear in an takes me time to got it.

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    Congratulations! Very interesting concept. I agree with some other comments and would love to see you succeed.

    Questions I feel your landing page isn't answering:

    1- Why does it matter to unlock your dreams?

    2 - What does it mean to unlock your dreams? And specifically with this app?

    2- How does it work? you have 3 points on this.. I believe screenshot of the app for each step can help user better understand. Show them before telling them! Also perhaps sharing scientific research would help the non-believers.

    In case you haven't read this book, I recommend it: "Start with why."

    Explain why you do what you do, what it is you do then how you do it.

    Great way to explain clearly what your product does!

    Good luck :)

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    Congratulations! I'll get it when it comes to Android :D