June 13, 2018

What are teh most importent things to not f***k up when incorporating

GO. Make a list I shoudl clarrify that these thing sshoudl be more advancd than things like validat before incorporating and choosing wht kind of entity I mean things that are very easy to miss. Like, not filing an 83b election form

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    Have your idea validated, preferably with a few sales/clients first before you even think of incorporating.

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    Shareholder agreement if you’re multiple founders. You will need to seriously think about it, and you will need get lawyer to prepare it. And if agreement text sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, do spend time understanding the concepts.

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    A couple of quick things come to mind for me:

    • Don't have eyes bigger than your stomach: Do you really realistically need to do a C-corp Delaware or is that completely unnecessary

    • If you have partners, don't have an equal equity stake that can lead to stalemates. It is just a lot easier to get shit done and move faster if one person really is in charge in the beginning

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    Biggest thing would be to know what type of corporation you're forming and why.