November 9, 2018

What are the downsides to removing Google Analytics from my webapp?

I am curious to hear what critical information you get from GA that can't be aggregated from the server logs. Is it just the convenience or am I missing something?

I am building which focuses on privacy so I want to remove all external links especially Analytics, mainly so I can say to my users "you wont be tracked".

I am trying to submit this as a product to IndieHackers but it is asking for the GA link - I assume I can still submit a product without that?


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    The main thing to me was more useful visitor metrics. According to weblogs, I was getting 20+ visits per day, but with JS tracking, I know it's closer to 1-3 without reaching out. I also like the events.

    I switched to fathom - a privacy-centric local daemon - but didn't have much luck, so I hacked together a simple real time/basic stats tracker on my own and added events. So tracking is anonymized and not sent to a 3rd party, but I still get the more useful data.

    Side note: My current focus is an open source web app with somewhat similar goals to yours - I want to help people get more metadata down, and organize it in interesting ways. The metadata stuff is still early, mostly users can create models and fields to extend entries.

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    I don't really care about GA that much. They're mainly vanity metrics - I don't have any revenue stuff set up.

    What I do use a fair bit is Segment -> Mixpanel. Being able to set up funnels of user behaviour gives me an idea of how often people are completing a critical path.

    If your app is focused around privacy though - you could just often them the option to opt-out at signup or even have it as opt-in instead