August 11, 2017

What are the payment solutions to use when you live outside of US?


Hey! I'm Vinicius, and I live in Brazil, I'm doing one MVP and I'm struggling in find what would be a payment solution to use in my product, I'd like to do recurring payments but I don't have one US bank account I'm not sure what are the service/tools available that would support receive payments from anywhere in the world?

  • Does anyone have experience with this situation?

  • What are tools available to use?

I've applied to stripe atlas but so far I've not been accept, but I'd like to come with the payment system from day one, any suggestion or guidance I would appreciate a lot :)

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    GumRoad also lets you charge money from anywhere (like stripe) and will send you the money to paypal so if your paypal in Brazil is good you could use gumroad and receive the money to your paypal and than withdraw to local bank.

    the only fee you pay is the 3.5% per transaction, paypal doesn't charge you to receive money from gumroad and gumroad neither to send to paypal (I think paypal owns gumorad), really simple to setup too.

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    You can use 2checkout in brazil , they offer recurring too, the only downside is that they keep 5% of the payment for 3months as insurance, but they will release it guaranteed after the 3rd month.

    So essentially you will be apying 4%+30cent per transaction + 5% that they will save but release after 90 days.

    They send you payments to your bank account every week (as long as you passed the min of $300)

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      nice, I will give a look thx for the suggestion

  3. 1 (5%) is another option I am exploring but it is costly compare to GumRoad(3.5%).

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    Semes Stripe is adding support for Brazil soon:

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    What about seems like they work on Brazil. I don´t have experience with that platform so I can´t help you much.

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      yeah to charge local business we have some services here, but my main public target would be out of brazil that's why I'm wondering how I could charge customers in a more global way.

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    not sure how to help you because you are in Brazil.

    let me give example how we do it in China.

    China: Alipay & Wechat pay are main stream here.

    in order to make it work, developer must apply as company,

    so I have to make a company (the legal entity, not like hiring people and all that)

    and apply for them(alipay&wechat, and wechat(If I remember correctly) have to pay 300 RMB per year, "service fee", I think Alipay is similar but can't remember how much they charge.

    ( of course they take cut from every transaction just like every other payment company)

    so the entire process(company+apply) could take up to a month.


    in order to build a website product in China, you have to "备案", which mean report your personal info/company info to government, so gov know who take responsible for this website. this process could take an another month (7~30 day)

    it just what it take to charge money in China, quite annoying

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      yeah back here in brazil is quite similar, I do already have one company where I pay my taxes etc, and I'm able to charge customers by services etc...

      what I was wondering is a way to receive payments in a more global scale like stripe allows, as the target public of this product that I'm working on is outside of brazil, more in USA and Europe

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        got it, Thanks for clarify.. I also want know that

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